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Get To Grips With Your NEW RAISEonline: Analyse School Performance
(Practical Workshop) - 11th January 2018

Data interpretation can be time-consuming. And when you're a busy primary school leader, finding time to think about RAISEonline can be a challenge. That's why we’ve asked TT Education to deliver their one-day RAISEonline workshop at Hampton Hargate school. Bring your data with you to this workshop and return to your school with a better understanding of RAISEonline, an interpretation of your own school's data and evaluative comments for your school's Self Evaluation Form (SEF). The course normally costs £299, but we‘re delighted t be able to offer this course to you for half price – just £149.50 per attendee.

This workshop takes place shortly after your RAISEonline data is made available. It will help you understand, interpret then use your new RAISEonline data to inform your school development plan.

By bringing your RAISEonline data to this workshop, you will:

  • unpick the message behind the data
  • understand context, strengths and areas for development at your school
  • learn how to harness the data to inform and support school improvement

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Key course objectives:

  • to demystify key RAISEonline concepts such as “Floor Standards”, “Average Point Scores”, “Progress Indicators” and “Expected Rate of Progress"

  • a To explore the interpretationof key data, helping you identify the key questions most pertinent to your school

  • to draw conclusions and formulate hypotheses

Venue: Hampton Hargate Primary School

Date: 11th January 2018

Time: 9.30am - 3.30pm

Price: £149.50 (including lunch) (This is half price offer. Normal price is £299)

Provider: TT Education

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