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Summer Term 2017


PSHE this term will be ‘Relationships’ and ‘Keeping Safe’. The children will investigate perceptions of being grown up. They will consider their responsibilities and how they have changed and will change in the future. In the unit ‘Keeping safe’ the children will discuss the difference between causing an accident by breaking the rules or ignoring risks, and causing an accident unintentionally. They will look at sun, electrical, road and water safety as well as how to prevent fires but equally as important what to do in the event of a fire.

Outdoor Learning

In Outdoor Learning this term we will be completing a photographic treasure hunt. Once the objects have been found the children will write a short story about the objects. This will relate to our topic of Treasure Island. The children will also pretend that they are stranded on an Island and will need to make shelters to protect themselves from the elements.


This term the children are looking at how to write our own stories based on Treasure Island and an animated film clip. They will be focusing on implementing all of the skills they have learnt so far this year including the new technique of ‘Show don’t tell’. They will also be writing explanation texts and non-chronological reports in a cross-curricular unit linking with our science and geography work. The children will be reviewing the grammatical features previously covered, especially commas, paragraphs and noun/adjectival phrases.


This term DT will be closely linked to our topic Treasure Island. Children will work in groups to design an imaginary island incorporating different features for example including pulleys and possibly a light. The children will use junk modelling to construct a model of their island and its features and evaluate their designs to say what worked well and what they would do differently, to improve them if they made them again.


Our studies in the first half of the term will focus on the ‘Milestones in People’s Lives. We shall be exploring the ideas behind Christian christenings and confirmations; a Jewish and Hindu weddings, a birth into an Islamic family and a Jewish Bar Mitzvah. The second half-term will focus on exploring ‘Religions in our Neighbourhood’. We shall be learning about which religions are followed in our local area, where they are based.


This term our topic sessions will have a geographical focus. We will start off by exploring what we know about counties, countries, continents and a whole host of geographical terms and vocabulary at a local, national, and world wide scale. We shall then be exploring a variety of maps at different scales and comparing different locations around the world. We will round the topic off with a visit to Ferry Meadows to use some of our newly acquired map skills.


This term the children are looking closely at applying their mental maths skills within their work. They will be looking at the links between mathematical concepts and will be focusing on the accuracy of their maths. Within this term, they will be looking at fractions, decimals and percentages and applying this to everyday situations. We shall be focusing on the depth of the children’s understanding and whether they can fully reason and problem solve using this knowledge.  The  children will be expected to keep practising and learning their times tables and related division facts.


During the term children will be focusing on gymnastics. Here the children will perform different rolls and balances and learn how to perform their safely. They will also have the opportunity to use the equipment available in school. As it is Sports day during the term, the children will be practising their throwing, catching and jumping skills. The children will also try pilates and learn different breathing techniques and learn how to stay relaxed. Outdoor P.E will involve cricket. The children will be learning the rules of cricket and practise a number of the key skills required including bowling, batting and fielding. The term will end with a cricket competition which will provided the children the opportunity to apply their new skills.


In Science this term, the children will be exploring 'All living things and their habitats'. The children will be investigating what life processes are involved for something to be classed as living. They will also be exploring the area of our forest school in order to make careful observations of living things. The children will be learning how to classify different living things based on their features. We are looking forward to getting the children outdoors and up close with nature during this topic!