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Autumn Term 2017


This term we will be focusing on our basic computing skills to ensure we have what we need to use our Chrome books efficiently. We will begin the term by looking at e-safety and how we can keep ourselves safe online. We will do this through a variety of games and activities. After we understand the importance of being safe online, we will begin to study different computing skills. We will learn how to effectively present information in Google slides, how to use our Chrome books to research and how to make the most out of the programmes on our Chrome books to support our learning.


Our Literacy will be strongly linked in with our topics of Anglo-Saxons to Vikings. We will be exploring ‘Beowulf’ by Michael Morpurgo. We will use this text as a stimulus for our writing. We will be comparing characters, creating our own creature and writing to persuade others that it our creature is the most deadly. As we are having an Anglo-Saxon day this term, we will also use this as inspiration for our writing. We will be covering many different genres. We are taking this term to really consolidate our knowledge for Spelling and Grammar. It is important that the children have a firm grasp on the high frequency and statutory words for Year 3/4 as well as a firm grasp on some of the common rules for spelling. 


Light is our first science topic and the children will learn about how we see things, how shadows are formed and learn how to classify objects such as transparent, translucent and opaque. The children will also learn that shadows cast by the sun change in length and direction because of the apparent motion of the sun across the sky (though it is really caused by the rotation of the earth) Our next science topic will be electricity where we will look at electrical safety, construct simple circuits, trying out different components e.g. bulbs, buzzers and motors, and use their circuits to create simples devices. Throughout the topics we will work practically so that the children can work scientifically using their results to draw simple conclusions from their findings.

Outdoor learning

In our outdoor learning sessions we will be learning the art of weaving by using both natural and man-made materials. The children will also be making up their own natural paint as well as making their own writing implement to create messages using runes. 


Years 3 and 4 will be investigating the exciting world of the Anglo- Saxons and later in the term the Vikings. We shall be discovering where they came, why they came to settle in Britain and how they lived their everyday lives. We shall be having  a ‘Wow’ day for both year groups to explore the lives of the kings and their courts, the weapons they used, how they looked after their dead and reconstruct the ‘Battle of Hastings’. We shall also be investigating the Viking long boats, paganism and the change to Christianity. So much to learn about!


Our focus in the first part of the autumn term will be on the signs and symbols of some of the major world religions. Investigating what the signs and symbols look like, what do they mean and what significance they have to religion they belong to. In the second half of the term we will be investigating a Christian theme of how Jesus is represented through a symbol of love and as a light to the world.


This term we shall be consolidating and developing our counting and number sequencing skills with constant and ever more complicated steps. We shall be reviewing our previous knowledge of the four rules of number and extending our understanding and use of column addition, subtraction with exchanging and more formal methods of division. We shall of course be extending our knowledge of multiplication with a continued focus on the Bronze, Silver and Gold Times Tables awards and using more efficient written methods. Throughout all these topics we shall be focusing on the children’s understanding and their ability to explain their answers and strategies.

Outdoor PE

The children will learn the basics of Tag Rugby and have some games using the skills they have learnt including passing and safe tackling. In the second half of term will see the children using taught skills in football, including ball control, dribbling and passing. Each half term will finish with competitive games!