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2 3 Hampton Hargate Primary School Prospectus Hampton Hargate Primary School Prospectus School leaders have ensured that the school is a very safe and secure place for pupils and staff . Ofsted “ ” We create an engaging environment where successful and inspiring teaching, enthusiastic learning, tolerance and mutual respect towards others is valued above all else. In pursuit of excellence we will always endeavour to demonstrate best practice, promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils - in our school and in society - and prepare the children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. We ensure pupils experience a broad and balanced curriculum which supports, challenges and extends their self-discipline, motivation and self-esteem. By working closely with pupils, parents and the wider community, we will support and encourage the children to develop into confident, independent, successful and responsible individuals who have an appreciation and an appropriate sense of Citizenship. At Hampton Hargate Primary School we are committed to the academic, personal, social and emotional development of all of our pupils.

4 5 Hampton Hargate Primary School Prospectus Hampton Hargate Primary School Prospectus Our Curriculum At Hampton Hargate Primary School we plan an integrated curriculum through a creative cross-curricular map which includes all subjects. We seek to match the learning to the child so that they can excel in all they do. Our aim is to raise attainment through a rich range of topics, with clear purpose and intent that provides vocabulary enrichment and knowledge learned across the subjects. The curriculum is planned by teaching staff to deliver a broad and balanced range of experiences to deepen and enhance their learning. We aim to foster creativity in our children and help them become independent learners by building aspirations for all pupils so they know what is possible for them. The school curriculum is supported by a variety of visits, visitors and presentations within school and trips out to further enrich the topic. We firmly believe that children gain a great deal from learning outside of the classroom as well as having people bringing skills and experience into school. School Council We have an enthusiastic and creative School Council with representatives from each year group. We work together throughout the year to ensure our school remains an amazing place to learn. Rewards We celebrate children’s achievements on a regular basis through mini merits, stickers and Headteacher awards, as well as through praise from staff and peers. Each child also has the potential to have actions or achievements celebrated individually, in a school assembly and also with our community through our newsletter and website. Life at Hampton Hargate • stimulate a sense of natural curiosity, excitement and enjoyment about the world • monitor and evaluate our teaching and learning to continue to raise expectations and ensure the highest outcomes for all pupils • develop effective working partnerships with pupils, parents, staff, governors and the wider community to further enhance the life of the school The principle curriculum aims are: • to provide a curriculum that inspires and excites our pupils to achieve excellence and motivates them to succeed • to master key skills in reading, writing and maths that can be applied to a range of contexts and purposes and strengthened in all curriculum areas • to promote a positive attitude towards learning, so that students enjoy coming to school, and acquire a solid basis for lifelong learning • to help each child use language effectively across all subjects within a creative, broad and balanced curriculum, where meaningful links are maximised • to foster a love of reading within a text rich environment in order to access all curriculum areas, unlocking their imagination and potential to succeed • to provide an environment which fosters spiritual growth and respect towards all races, cultures and ways of life • to provide opportunities for all round physical development through creative, competitive and challenging activities Our aim is to foster the development of inquisitive and well-informed children who are able to think for themselves and act in a responsible, independent way. We aim to develop enquiring open minds, selfdisciplined work habits and a search for excellence in all things. We will strive to: • create a whole school atmosphere which has high aspirations, values achievement, celebrates success and places importance on the learning process as well as learning outcomes • establish a happy and stimulating environment in which each child will be motivated and nurtured to achieve their potential • develop each child’s ability to study, question, think critically and discuss rationally • set standards of behaviour, effort, attainment and challenge which exercise each child’s capabilities to the full and prepare them for the next stage in their education • encourage every child to think and act responsibly, appreciating and considering the needs and feelings of others • promote equal opportunities taking account of differences (for example, disability, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, social context, vulnerable child status) and help to overcome barriers to learning in order to raise achievement and fulfilment for all our children Our Aims Children have an outstanding start to their education Ofsted “ ” The behaviour of pupils is outstanding in lessons, break times and around the school Ofsted “ ”

6 7 Hampton Hargate Primary School Prospectus Hampton Hargate Primary School Prospectus Extra-Curricular Clubs The school offers a variety of lunchtime and after school clubs for the children in Years 1-6, including gardening, art, baking, football, choir and board games. There are a also a number of clubs run by external providers on offer. Details of the clubs are available on the school website. Children who stay for the after-school clubs will need a signed consent form to allow them to stay for the clubs. In addition to the clubs organised by the staff members there are also a range of sporting and musical activities available, which are run by outside agencies. Details of these clubs will be sent out during the year. Helping in School Some parents, carers, grandparents and people from the community may have the time to come into school to help during the day. They may listen to children read or help with other activities. We will also need help with school visits in the local area. We would appreciate your help and support very much and if you are interested please contact the school office. School Trips & Activities The school will arrange for theatre, music groups and sports coaches to visit the school and for the children to go out to visit places related to their school work. The school budget does not include the cost of these activities, which will add so much to your child’s education. We occasionally have to ask families for a voluntary contribution towards the costs and hope that most parents will be able to support us. Without your help these trips would not be able to take place. In Year 6 we arrange a week long School Residential. Year 4 pupils have the opportunity to participate in a shorter residential visit. The pupils are involved in a variety of activities and visits during the week. One of the main aims of the School Residential is for pupils to experience greater independence and to improve their confidence and organisational skills. The Year 6 Residential is a great way for pupils to finish their time at our school before moving onto Secondary School. Reporting Home We will send you a written report of your child’s progress towards the end of the academic year in July. There will also be an opportunity in each of the three terms to come to a parent/teacher evening to see your child’s work and to discuss her/his progress with the class teacher. The first two meetings have scheduled appointments while the last one is an open evening. If you wish to discuss your child’s progress or behaviour at any other time, please feel free to make an appointment with your child’s class teacher. School Times Attendance We believe that children will only learn effectively if they attend school regularly and arrive and leave on time. Late arrivals disrupt not only their own learning but that of their classmates. Please see our Attendance Leaflet included in this pack for further details. Monday - Friday Gates open 8.35am School starts at 8.45am Morning Breaktime Lunch Break 12.00pm - 1.00pm (KS1) 12.30pm - 1.30pm (KS2) Afternoon Breaktime for KS1 School ends at 3.15pm After School Care Swans Club 7.45am - 8.45am 3.15pm - 6.00pm Swans Club The school operates both a breakfast and after school club during term time.We offer high quality childcare with trained and experienced staff in a welcomingatmosphere.Whenall placesare taken a waiting list system operates. For more details and information on availability please contact the Swans Club Manager via their email address: swansclub@hampton-hargate.peterborough.sch.uk Holidays Holidays during term time are not permitted. All leave during term time is at the discretion of the Headteacher and is not a parental right. A Leave of Absence form must be completed four weeks in advance when making a request. Contacting You Sometimes we will need to contact you during the school day. It may be something very small – forgotten swimming kit or your permission to stay for an after school activity – but it will mean a lot to your child. It may be very important – your child may have been hurt in an accident or may have been sick or feel unwell. Please take the time to fill in the contact details on the Admission Form. Also please remember to keep us up to date – put us on your list of people to tell if any of your telephone numbers or e-mail addresses change. GDPR As a school we need to hold personal information about your child on our computer systems and in paper records to help us with their educational needs. We are responsible for their accuracy and safe-keeping in line with regulations. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the school office. What should my child wear to school? Our Uniform • Grey/black trousers, skirt or pinafore • White polo shirt (Reception, Years 1&2) • White shirt (Years 3/4/5&6) • Tie (Years 3/4/5&6) • V Neck burgundy jumper or cardigan • Blue checked summer dress Clothes for PE • Plain white t-shirt and black shorts • Trainers for outdoor PE • Tracksuits or sweatshirts may be worn for games during winter months Jewellery Children are only permitted to wear stud earrings and watches. These need to be covered or removed for PE. ” Support staff make a significant contribution to pupils’ learning Ofsted “ Beyond the Classroom

8 9 Hampton Hargate Primary School Prospectus Hampton Hargate Primary School Prospectus Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Here at Hampton Hargate Primary we believe in an inclusive environment. We believe that the child is at the centre of everything we do. All children should be happy and enjoy themselves when they are in school. Each child’s individual learning styles should be respected. All children should have high but attainable targets for them to enable them to achieve their full potential. There should be good communication with parents. Every child should be given an appropriate level of support but at the same time be encouraged to become independent learners. Identification of Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Early identification of a pupil’s needs is of paramount importance. At Hampton Hargate Primary School this may occur before the child enters school, either through an expression of concern by parents, or because the school has been alerted by external agencies, such as health or social services, or by pre-school provision. If we are aware that your child needs particular support we will discuss the matter with you and make sure that you are involved in the decisions about future provision for your child. A copy of our SEND Policy and SEND Offer are both available on the school website. Teachers create a positive climate for learning, so that pupils are keen and do well… Ofsted “ ” This school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare and safety of all children and expects all staff to share in this commitment. All staff must follow the guidelines set out in our Child Protection and Safeguarding procedures. All staff have a duty to record and pass on any concerns they may have about a child’s welfare or safety to the Designated Person for Child Protection in school who will investigate these concerns. The Safeguarding Children Policy is available on the school website. If Things Go Wrong At Hampton Hargate Primary School we promote an open door policy which encourages parents to come and speak to their child’s class teacher or teaching assistant at the beginning or end of the day. If you think your child is experiencing any kind of difficulty with friends, work or home life, then please talk to your child’s teacher. Naturally, we hope that your child’s time at Hampton Hargate Primary School will be positive and happy. However no matter how hard we try there may be times when you are worried or concerned and there will certainly be occasions when we may make a mistake. Please come and see us - we will be pleased to see you and will do whatever we can to move things forward. Any complaints about school matters should first be brought to the attention of the class teacher. If the complaint is not resolved, you can contact the school to arrange an appointment with the Senior Leadership Team who may then refer you to the Headteacher or Governors. When We Get It Right We hope there are many times during the school year when you are really pleased with your child’s experience at school. Please let us know! All too often we only speak out when things go wrong. Child Protection Policies

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