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'Express Yourself' letter


This week is Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing week and we are really pleased to be taking part.  Children’s (and parent) metal health and wellbeing is something we really care about at Hampton Hargate Primary School.  Life really is quite tricky for everyone right now, but for children in particular.  The theme this year is ‘Express Yourself’ – check out HRH The Duchess of Cambridge talking about this week through by clicking HERE. (opens in a new window)

As well as caring and thinking about the children, we would like you to also think about how you are looking after YOU too – because you are just as important.  I will send bits out through the week but we are constantly adding links to our website to offer support, so please check this out too if and when you might need to.

If there is anything which has been particularly helpful to you which isn’t on our page, let me know. I would really like to hear from you – you can use the following email: to contact me.






Throughout the week (and beyond)  we will be completing tasks with the children and sending things out to you and the most precious little people in your life.  To celebrate ‘Express Yourself’ we would like to welcome the children to ‘Dress to Express’ on Friday 5th February.  Our lives are full of colour and it helps to make sense of how we might be feeling.  They could dress in their favourite colour or wear a range of colours to express how they feel from their hair through to their shoes!  This opportunity is for children working on 'Home learning' too. Please take a photo of your child and send it to the class teacher to share with the rest of the class so we can celebrate and encourage expressing ourselves and then all pupils are able to participate in 'Dress to Express' day if they wish too. It is not compulsory.

We really look forward to seeing our children expressing themselves through colour and creativity.

Today, I will leave you with a couple of things which I have found useful as a parent coaching a teenager through this period of time.

Take care and stay safe and this week find some time for self-care – what are you going to do this week to care of YOU?

Amanda Christophi

Assistant Headteacher