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About Us 

Hampton Hargate Primary School’s Vision Statement

At Hampton Hargate Primary School we are committed to the academic, personal, social and emotional development for all of our pupils. We promote an engaging environment where successful and inspiring teaching and enthusiastic learning, tolerance and mutual respect towards others is valued above all else.

In pursuit of excellence we will always endeavour to demonstrate best practice, to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical developments of pupils in our school and in society, and prepare pupils in our school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experience of later life.

All pupils will experience a broad and balanced curriculum, which supports, challenges and extends their self discipline, motivation and self esteem in order to achieve excellence in learning. In working closely with pupils, parents and the wider community we will encourage the children to develop into confident, successful, responsible, independent beings who have an appropriate sense of Citizenship.

Our aim and expectation is to foster the development of interesting and well informed children who are able to think for themselves and act in a responsible independent way. We aim to develop enquiring open minds, self disciplined work habits and a search for excellence in all things.

We will strive to:

  • establish a happy and stimulating environment in which the individual child will be motivated and nurtured to achieve his or her potential
  • develop a professional working partnership of pupils, parents, staff, governors and the wider community to further enhance the corporate life of the school
  • develop the child's natural curiosity and his or her ability to study, question and discuss rationally
  • set standards of behaviour, effort, attainment and challenge which exercise the child's capabilities to the full and to prepare the child for the next stage in his or her education
  • encourage every child to think and act as a social being considering the needs and feelings of others
  • take account of difference, (for example, disability, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, social context, vulnerable child status), and help to overcome any barriers to learning in order to promote achievement and fulfilment in all our children
  • stimulate in pupils a sense of curiosity, excitement and enjoyment about the world
  • create a whole school atmosphere which values achievement and places importance on the learning process as well as learning outcomes
  • establish a secure basis for the monitoring and evaluation of teaching and learning in order to continue to raise expectations and aspire to the highest standards in both

The principle curriculum aims are:

  • to make  learning an enjoyable and meaningful activity which promotes and creates opportunities for independent learning, challenge and high expectations
  • to help each child use language effectively by teaching literacy and skills of spoken language & listening through a wide and practical range of experiences in line with national developments
  • to develop an understanding of, and a confidence in handling mathematical operations in line with national developments
  • to enable children to observe themselves and their environment in a scientific manner and to help them realise and enjoy their potential for design and technology
  • to help each child to recognise the geographical, historical and social aspects of our local, national and international heritage
  • to provide an atmosphere in which spiritual understanding will grow and to develop a caring attitude towards all races, cultures and ways of life
  • to provide opportunity for all round physical development