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Welcome to our Art page

Art Curriculum Intent

At Hampton Hargate, we strive for the achievement of ALL pupils by providing a skill based, creative and progressive curriculum, which ignites and enhances curiosity and innovative thinking and learning, and therefore retention of knowledge and skills. A sequenced progression revisits what is taught and learnt to secure children’s long-term memory.

Art is an integral part of our curriculum that allows pupils to enjoy developing and refining their creative skills and knowledge to enable pupils to develop their confidence, character and resilience.   Art contributes to children’s holistic development in creativity, independence, judgement, a sense of worth and self-reflection. Moreover, it enables pupils to develop a natural sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around them which underpins our school values.

Lessons give pupils every opportunity to develop their abilities, nurture their talent and interests, express their ideas and thoughts about the world as well as learning about art forms from different periods and cultures and study different artists’ work to inspire and influence their own pieces of art and design.