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EAL Mark Gold (English As An Additional Language) 

I am delighted to inform you that we have been awarded the EAL Mark Gold. This is in recognition for the work we do working with and supporting pupils with English as an Additional Language. Over the last year we have been collating examples of the work we do and earlier this week we received a visit from an assessor who looked through all the evidence we provided as well as speaking with and interviewing children, observing groups and talking with staff about the work and interventions we use. She also looked at the school environment including displays.

Arts Mark Gold

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Arts Mark Gold Award in recognition for the excellent work in school across the arts and cultural provision. Well done to all the staff and children on another achievement.

ICT Mark

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the ICT Mark in recognition for the excellent work achieved with ICT across our school and across the curriculum. A great achievement and recognition for all we have done to develop and maximise our work in all aspects of ICT/Computing. Well done to everyone.

Stephen Lawrence - Education Standard

At Hampton Hargate Primary School we are committed to making everyone feel welcome and teaching children about cultural diversity and belonging to a multicultural society. We currently hold the Stephen Lawrence Education Standard at level one and we are now working towards level two. The Stephen Lawrence Education Standard is committed to "promoting race equality, transforming education - together we make a brighter future". All staff and pupils understand the importance of diversity and equality and community cohesion and enjoy celebrating these in school in a variety of ways.

Peterborough Schools Swimming gala

A group of KS2 children competed in a swimming gala at Peterborough Regional Swimming Pool. They were up against 10 other schools and raced in a number of different heats against these schools in a variety of different swimming strokes including front crawl, breast stroke and backstroke. The whole team performed incredibly well and collected the most points out of all of the schools and win the gala! A superb achievement.