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Bike It Crew & Big Pedal

Welcome to the Bike It Crew section of our website.

The Bike It Crew are run in collaboration with Sustrans. At the beginning of each year, Year 5 and 6 have the opportunity to apply to become a member of the Bike It Crew. Up to 8 children are then selected to become members of the Bike It Crew.

The Bike It Crew are responsible for lots of different tasks and activities throughout the year. Every week 2 of the Crew do a bike and scooter count and 2 of the Crew are responsible for the Golden lock.

The Golden lock is an incentive to get more children to bike and scoot to school. The Bike It Crew will randomly choose a bike or scooter each week and out the golden lock on. When the child who owns the bike or scooter comes to pick it up they can choose a prize from the box.

Termly we have a walk to school week where the Bike It Crew encourage children to walk, bike or scoot to school. The class that has the most children travelling sustainably wins a prize. Linked in with this yearly we take part in the national Big Pedal. Again the winning class wins a prize but we also have the chance of winning prizes through Peterborough City Council.

Yearly we also hold Dr Bike It sessions. The Bike It Crew run these with Sustrans Bike It Officers. Parents can sign a form for their child’s bike or scooter to be looked at during these sessions. Minor problems can be fixed during these sessions and any larger problems can be advised.


This year the Big Pedal took place over 2 weeks during April. During these 2 weeks the Bike-It Crew encouraged pupils to bike and scoot to school. Sustrans started the Big Pedal off with a whole school assembly. The Bike-It Crew then did their own assembly half way through and did updates during the 2 weeks.