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Welcome to our Computing page

Computing curriculum intent

Computing offers children crucial skills in a rapidly changing world. Our Computing curriculum aims to give children the ability and confidence to use technology in an effective way and become true digital citizens.

There is an emphasis on learning through experience, finding out how things work through a process of experiment and trial and error. We believe the most confident users of technology are children who are willing to try for themselves and are unfazed when things go wrong. Logical or “computational thinking” gives pupils the ability to use technology and to think in an effective way.

We aim to provide sequences of lessons that build on previous learning and enable pupils to use existing knowledge and skills as a basis for excellent progress.

By using the Teach Computing curriculum from the National Centre for Computing Education for KS1 and KS2 we believe we can achieve our aims through use of their innovative progression framework.

This enables us to follow all National Curriculum programmes of study and their associated strands, ensuring appropriate coverage to each one.

In Foundation Stage we aim to give pupils a range of opportunities to use technology to help them in their learning journey.

We work hard to ensure that children know how to use online devices safely, both at school and at home. We aim to ensure they have the tools to deal with any issues they may encounter online. We work hard to offer parents advice and support to keep their children safe when using the internet.

Our technology in school is well maintained, reliable and used regularly. It is utilised by both children and staff to provide excellent learning opportunities for all. We use devices to improve access and support the learning of SEND children. Indeed, technology is used to benefit all children, and used regularly for cross curricular learning. All KS2 children have their own school Chromebook for use in school.

Our pupils’ learning in Computing provides a basis for the life skills they will need in an ever-changing workplace. We intend for every pupil to leave our school with the confidence to succeed.