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DT (Design Technology)

Welcome to our DT page

Design and Technology curriculum intent

At Hampton Hargate Primary School, it is our intent that Design and Technology is an inspirational, practical and meaningful subject. Our children will be encouraged to be critical thinkers; learning how to creatively solve problems, both as individuals and in collaboration with others.

We encourage children to develop their imagination and creativity during the designing, making and building process. They are challenged in solving a variety of real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering the needs, wants and values of others.   

We aim to, wherever possible, link work to other subjects such as Science, Mathematics, Computing and Art - often under ‘themed’ units of learning.

Children will be exposed to a variety of appropriate technical vocabulary, building on key skills developed specifically to ensure progress across year groups.

Our children are also given opportunities to reflect upon and evaluate projects undertaken. Critiquing their successes and striving to consider the next step as designers.  

Our children will have a secure understanding of how real-life designers have shaped the world in which we live, enabling our children to gain a deeper understanding of the skills and traits of a successful designer.