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Summer Term 2018

As we are entering our final term of your child’s reception year, we would like to highlight the learning opportunities we will be offering in this first half term. We will be learning about animals. This will be enhanced and reinforced by our trip to Hamerton Zoo and by looking after living eggs in our classrooms! Watching the eggs hatch and handling chicks have proved to be excellent learning opportunities in the past.


Our expectations of the children continue to grow, as we deepen their independence with organising their belongings and when working without adult support, to aid their readiness for year one.  This will include listening to and following instructions and listening with sustained concentration at story times and assembly times. We will also be encouraging children to answer ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions and to demonstrating understanding after listening to stories. We will encourage them to talk in front of the whole class as part of show and tell or chat time.


In the classroom we will continue to encourage the safe use of tools such as scissors, and correct pencil grip and letter formation. Children will be encouraged to make handwriting small and neat and will be encouraged to write on lined paper. We will be talking about how we keep healthy. We will be carrying out weekly PE sessions covering a range of games, gymnastics and dance skills, and we will also take part in sports week.


Children will be encouraged to talk in front of the whole class group, will talk about their ideas or ‘plans’ while working and talk about what they might change if they repeated an activity. We will continue to talk about behaviour and consequences and how to listen to each other’s suggestions to achieve an outcome without adults help (e.g. sharing toys, making a model etc.) we will still encourage turn taking and giving children skills to solve minor disagreements by listening to each other.


We continue to deliver daily phonics sessions. We will be reading a wide range of books, including picture books and information books. We will encourage children to show understanding of what they have read too.  We will be writing for a range of reasons – a list of what to take on the school trip, a thank you letter for the zoo and introducing how to write simple stories and recounts. Towards the end of the term we will be expecting most children to be able to write in sentences, with spaces between words, capital letters and full stops.


We will be working with numbers to 10, then 20 and beyond. This involves recognising numbers, ordering them and being able to say which number is one more or less than a given number. We will be asking children to solve simple problems about sharing, addition and subtraction. We will continue to develop language about 2d and 3d shapes, and everyday language about time, measure and money.


Learning about animals will allow us to discuss caring for the world we live in, and how we can have a positive (or negative) effect on our environment. We will be looking closely at how things change (flowers growing, eggs hatching). We will also continue to teach children how to use relevant apps and ICT software to enhance learning.


We will continue to encourage children to use a range of skills – drawing, painting, cutting, sticking, collage – to represent their ideas, we will also be using music to allow children to represent thoughts and feelings – e.g. choosing appropriate instruments to convey a certain animal. We will be encouraging children to say what they like about their own and others work.