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Spring Term 2018


We will start the term by discussing the special times we have celebrated over the Christmas   holidays. We will be discussing the importance of saying thank you for gifts. As the weather turns colder we will be talking about keeping warm and dressing for winter—and practicing putting on coats and other winter items—scarves, gloves and hats—all on our own!! Please encourage your child to do this as much as possible. We will also be learning about the traditions and customs of Chinese New Year.


We will be writing thank you letters, working really hard to independently use the letter sounds we have learnt so far at school. We will also be writing winter poems by brainstorming describing words about winter. We will be carrying out Speaking and Listening activities on our thoughts and feelings about the change in the seasons and celebrations. There will be a greater emphasis on children working independently, and our current expectation is that children be able to use the letter sounds they have learnt so far independently in their writing and reading.


We will be playing number games with the children to reinforce number recognition—games such as snakes and ladders, lotto and dominoes. We will be learning about patterns and will be making patterns on hats, gloves and scarves. We will also be ordering numbers to 10 then 20 and introducing the concepts of addition and subtraction.


We will be discussing the special times we share as families and events that are important to us. We would like to ask for any photographs of these family times for the children to bring in to help their discussions. We will be learning about people who help us such as policemen, firemen, nurses etc.


During our PE lessons we will be dancing to winter music. We are also planning to compose a Chinese dragon dance to traditional music. In addition, cutting, tracing and threading activities will be carried out in the classrooms to enhance fine motor skills. Bikes, scooters, bats, balls and hoops will be used in the outdoor area to develop gross motor control. Please note that at this point in the year we expect all children to be able to get dressed for PE independently.


We will be colour mixing winter shades using grey, blue and white and will be collaging winter pictures and making snowflakes. We will also be making dragons, lanterns and painting Chinese letters to enhance our work about Chinese New Year.

We have been working hard to enhance our outdoor learning environment and our forest area will be opening soon. Please note that no children are not allowed to use the outdoor environment either before or after school.