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Friends of Hampton Hargate School

Who we are:

We are a group of parents/carers and teachers who work together to enhance the school experience for the pupils. We do this by raising funds to donate to the school so they may purchase equipment and hold events that they would otherwise struggle to find the funds for.  

We are always grateful for any help, so if you'd like to join the committee or if you are able to offer your help in other ways we'd love to hear from you. 

Our most notable fund raising events are the School Discos and the Summer Fun Day. This has enabled us to fund such things as:     

  • Interactive classroom screens
  • Netbooks/Chromebooks for KS2 pupils
  • Ipads
  • Picnic tables
  • Yr6 Leavers bears
  • Musical equipment
  • Equipment for sewing club
  • International Languages Week
  • Contributed towards costs of artistic wall art around school
  • Sports equipment
  • Wet play games
  • Consoles and games
  • Christmas party food
  • Ocarinas and music books
  • Sports Week every year since 2010
  • Sound and lighting system for the new hall
  • Staging for the new hall
  • Markings on playground
  • Mini eggs for the Easter gifts made by the children                  


Barclays indirectly covered the cost of the following by way of match funding:

  • Toadstool bins and Hippo bins
  • New signage around the school
  • Sports Week

As part of Barclays investment in the community, employees are offered the chance to match £ for £ any fundraising activities they undertake.

News International covered the cost of replacing a Henry the Hippo bin and other new bins to help keep the school environment tidy.

Bulletin Board

We have heeded your comments about previous fun day attractions and are looking to bring you a more traditional event each year. We do however need volunteers to help run these stalls. So if you could spare an hour or two it would be greatly appreciated.

Would you like your own stall?

If you have your own business and would like to be a stallholder at the Fun Day, please contact us.