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Welcome to our Geography page

Geography Curriculum Intent

Geography forms an integral part of our school curriculum. Through Geography, we aim to capture children’s natural curiosity about the world, promote respect for the environment and raise awareness about diverse locations and communities. We want to inspire children to become engaged global citizens who make conscious decisions towards their futures.

Our Geography curriculum has been designed to equip children with both a breadth and depth of knowledge and skills required to be an inquisitive individual. We strive to ensure that our Geography topics provide pupils with competence in geographical skills including fieldwork, map skills and factual knowledge supporting a well-rounded, exciting learning experience. Children are taught to make comparisons of the environment and community at different levels, including local, national and international.

Across the school, the Geography curriculum is carefully sequenced ensuring progression in content, skills and vocabulary. Our curriculum is taught through topic themes where children are able to develop an insight into a range of physical and human processes and their connectedness. Children will further embed their understanding of geographical knowledge as they reflect, revise and revisit previous learning demonstrated through our progression maps. We seek to foster inquisitive children who are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills they will need as they move to KS3 and beyond.