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JMP Music

Hampton Hargate Primary school are pleased to offer our students the opportunity to learn a musical instrument with JMP Music.

JMP Music are an expanding music instrumental teaching business with schools in Peterborough and the surrounding counties. They have a team of dedicated and experienced teachers who visit schools and provide tuition for children of all ages and they currently provide some of the instrumental teaching in our school.

The choices of instruments on offer to the children are as follows:

Piano (Years 1-6)

Keyboard (Years 1-6)

Acoustic Guitar (Years 3-6)

Electric Guitar (Years 3-6)

Ukulele (Years 1-6)

Drums (Years 3-6)

Flute (Years 3-6)

Recorder (Years 1-6)

Trumpet (Years 3-6)

Clarinet (Years 3-6 ONLINE)

Saxophone (Years 3-6 ONLINE)

Singing (Years 1-6)

Bass Guitar (Years 5 & 6)


Lesson costs start from just £52 per term or £13.00 per month - both group and individual options are available.

JMP Music are also pleased to announce that they are now working with an instrument supplier and can get exclusive rates for parents to purchase instruments, helping lower the overall cost of learning. Prices start from just £80 (plus postage) for clarinets and trumpets, with others available also. Please see the website for more details on all purchase and hire options.