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Music Curriculum Intent

At Hampton Hargate Primary School, the children attain a deep understanding of what music is and means to them and the wider community. This is achieved through the elements of the National Curriculum, including listening, singing, playing, evaluating, analysing and composing. Students use this to access a wide variety of styles, traditions and genres, from a range of historical periods. Students will understand the value and importance of music and are empathetic to the impact on their wellbeing and everyday life.

The curriculum is progressive form EYFS through to year 6, with high aspirations for performances and compositions from an early age.

The curriculum is designed to enable the children to:

  • Be confident solo and ensemble performers
  • Access excellent musical examples on which to model their own work
  • Understand how music has shaped the local, national and global communities, and how it continues to develop, for example, through the continual updating of Music Technology
  • Identify a range of historical and cultural pieces, and the features that make them important
  • Recall a range of important musicians throughout history and the impact they have had on musical history
  • Develop their singing ability, from using initial sounds to retaining pitch accuracy, and increasing control of breath, phrasing, and diction.
  • Experience live performances from professional industry-standard musicians
  • Experience performing to an external audience through year group Productions
  • Develop instrumental skills through Whole Class tuition in recorders, and samba
  • Extend musical knowledge, ability and skill through extra-curricular involvement, including Choir and individual / small group lessons on a range of instruments