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Music - KS1 - Year 1 / Year 2


Year 1

Under the Sea (Musical Vocabulary)Year 1 will develop their use of musical language, through the topics of “Under the Sea” and “Animals”. They will develop their ability to respond to the beat, and change movements and actions relevant to the dynamic of the piece. They will use instruments and their voices to perform from memory, playing in time and working with their class. Students will create little melodic ideas, and fit these into a bigger class piece.

Year 2

We will be looking at how a piece of music is structured and composed and how music can have different layers within it. We will create our own music and perform our finished pieces.

As part of our new topic ‘Sensational Safari’, we will be using different sounds and instruments to replicate the noises of the land including animals and traditional African music. We will be learning a range of songs using call and response rhythms.