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Music - KS2 - Year 3 - Year 6

YEAR 3 – Boom!

Year 3 will be using “Boom whackers” to create sounds, perform songs and understand musical concepts. We will listen to different ensembles, and understand that different groups of instruments and people can make different sounds. We will also look at some famous musicians and how they play their instruments. 

YEAR 4 – Classical Music

Year 4 will be looking at different types of Classical Music, and how it has influenced music we more commonly listen to today. They will be looking at different instruments in the orchestra, how the orchestra grew, who “Mozart” was and why he was important, and also learning to play pieces of music using “music notation”.  They will also be looking at a timeline of how music developed.  


In music this term year 5 will look at “Gamelan”, the sacred music of Indonesia. “Gamelan” refers to both the instrument and the styles of music, and students will learn how the music is an essential part of everyday culture in Indonesia. They will listen to examples of music and how they are structured, whilst understanding the cultural and historical influences on the style. Students will break down the music and learn to play a piece using glockenspiels.  Students will perform in a  group, listening to each other and developing their ensemble skills. Students will also compose their own version, ensuring they use the structures and style of the music they have studied.

YEAR 6 – Musical Theatre Production / Hip-Hop

In music Year 6 will be learning the challenging songs and rehearsing for their summer production. They will focus on developing their vocal range and stamina, as well as understanding where it is important to breathe when singing, in order for the “phrasing” to make sense. Year 6 will also use music technology to create their own Hip-hop piece, having studied and understood how it came about and what the historical influences on Hip-Hop were.