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Primary Languages

Welcome to our Primary Languages page

Primary Languages Curriculum Intent

At Hampton Hargate Primary School, we want all of our pupils to gain an enthusiasm for learning new languages and a curiosity and respect for other cultures. From day one, we seek to find out the rich cultural and linguistic experiences they bring to school, reflected in their family and community context.  As a school, we want to come together to celebrate and expand our knowledge of languages and our understanding about the wide world in which we live, capitalising on the diversity of our community in Peterborough.

Key Stage 2 pupils will learn French and embed the skills of confident reading, writing, speaking and listening within the broader curriculum. We intend to nurture positive attitudes about language and identity within our pupils and promote an international outlook on learning across the curriculum.  We want to promote life-long strategies for learning new vocabulary, building on previous learning to ensure children remember more over time. We will ensure all children have opportunities to enjoy and achieve in their language learning by speaking, listening, reading and writing for a practical purpose. Our aim is to provide our pupils with the foundation for learning further languages, raising their aspirations and igniting their curiosity for learning to study, work or live in other countries.

Our language learning intentions reflect the three progressive core strands of teaching and learning within the Framework for Languages: Oracy, Literacy and Intercultural Understanding. The two cross-cutting strands are also included: Knowledge about Language (KAL) Language Learning Strategies (LLS).

Specifically, we intend to:

  • develop confidence by fostering in the pupils an attitude which makes them willing to experiment with and enjoy language
  • read great literature in the original language
  • increase pupil’s familiarity with the sounds and written form of a new language
  • enable pupils to understand and communicate in a new language
  • develop an awareness of the language processes and purposes (in English as well as the foreign language)
  • increase pupils’ cultural awareness by learning about different countries and their people, and working with materials from those countries and communities
  • encourage pupils to be ambassadors for their school when communicating with partner schools abroad
  • develop in the pupils the skills and strategies which will support their future language needs

The children will learn to:

  • memorise words
  • interpret meaning
  • understand basic grammar
  • ask and answer questions
  • use correct pronunciation and grammar
  • work in pairs and groups to communicate in a foreign language
  • explore things from another’s perspective, giving insight into the people, lives and traditions of other cultures