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Year 1

Autumn Term 2022 

Superheroes Topic

In literacy our learning will be based on fantasy stories. We will use our reading skills to help us identify the main characters in stories and use adjectives to describe them. We will use the patterns in the stories to help us write our own sentences. Once we are familiar with a story, we will use story maps and pictures to help us write a retell of the main events. Throughout all our writing we will focus on remembering to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops within all our sentences. Our phonics practise will also support us in sounding out words and choosing the right sounds to record them. We will use poems to help us identify rhyming words and consider the patterns we can hear within them.

Our numeracy will initially focus on counting and ordering numbers to 20 while making sure we write each number correctly. We will use our counting to find out one more and one less than a number before we move onto simple addition and subtraction. We will use lots of concrete resources to support us, for example cubes and numicon, and also practise using our own jottings to work out our answers too.  We will also name 2D and 3D shapes before we discuss and describe their properties.

In science our topic is animals including humans where we will discuss the features we can see on a variety of animals and consider how we can group them. We will also focus on the five senses and use our working scientifically skills during outdoor learning to help us consider what each of our senses is experiencing.  We will also begin our seasons topic, focusing on the changes that we see and experience during Autumn.

Our geography work will be focused map work. We will learn about some simple features of maps and draw our classroom using a ‘bird’s eye view’. Then, we will create our own 3D superhero bases using a variety of resources before we draw a map to show our designs.

In history, we will be learning about our own class names. We will learn who our class person is and why they are famous before comparing them to a modern-day equivalent person. 1LJ’s class person is Neil Armstrong, 1BT’s is Amelia Earhart and 1JH’s is Ranulph Fiennes.

Our computing work will surround ‘technology around us’ where we will consider how technology can help us in our everyday lives. We will also begin to become more familiar with the parts of a computer and practise some keyboard and mouse skills. As always, we will ensure that we know how to use technology responsibly.

In art we will consider the work of William Morris to inspire us to create patterns. We will practise first by copying some designs before we use simple shapes to create our own designs. We will then use our designs to make different prints to produce repeated patterns.

Our design technology will involve discussing why it is important to plan before we make something and the value of an evaluation after we have made it. We will plan, make and evaluate superhero masks using a variety of colours and materials.

In music we will focus on the old school hip-hop genre, discussing the features of this type of music and listening to a variety of examples. We will learn a song as a class, creating our own actions to support this. We will also practise finding the beat of songs and listening for the different instruments we can hear.

Our outdoor PE will be focused on basic ball skills such as throwing, catching, rolling and dribbling with our hands and feet. We will aim to develop better control of the ball when moving it across the ground and increased accuracy when throwing and catching. Our indoor PE will be focused on fundamental skills that will support us across all areas of PE. This will include running, changing direction, balancing, jumping, hopping and skipping. We will use fun games to support this, also enabling us to work in groups and teams collaboratively.

In RE we will consider the people and the world around us. We will learn that different people have different faiths and beliefs and that we should respect this. We will learn about the different head coverings that people from some faiths wear and why. We will learn about how people from different faiths pray and how they help others.

In PSHE, we will follow the Cambridgeshire Scheme. We will consider beginning and belonging and well-being.