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Year 1

Spring Term 2023 

Our topics this term are Castles and Dinosaurs.  A flavour of some of what the children will be learning and experiencing during these topics is given below.

Castles (5 weeks)

During this topic we will be exploring ‘Traditional tales’ such as The Three Little Pigs.  We will be reading these stories first before retelling them in our own words, describing the characters and settings. We will also be exploring the format and features of letters and putting ourselves in the shoes of one of the characters to write in their words.

Our maths focus for the first half term will be consolidating number and addition and subtraction using a variety of resources to help us, before beginning to learn about money. We will extend the range of numbers we work with and learn more about the number system. We will then apply these skills we have learnt to word problems, and use them as we begin to learn to problem solve.

As part of this topic, in history we will explore the different types of houses. We will look at how houses have changed over time, and who may have lived in a castle in the past and present. For Geography we will be exploring aerial photographs and designing our own floor plan of a castle. For Art we will learn about the artist Paul Klee and using his work (Flora of sand) as inspiration for our own artwork.

During indoor PE we will learn all about dance, exploring body movements and will be focusing on ‘Net and Wall’ to explore racket and ball skills. For our science this half term we will continue to learn about everyday materials by carrying out different experiments to test their properties. We will also identify signs of winter as part of our seasonal changes unit.   


Our RE focus will be Judaism and life in a Jewish family. The children will be working on keyboard and word processing skills in Computing. Our music sessions will focus on different genres of music, including Folk and Reggae.


Finally, for PSHE the children will focus on ‘Working together’, looking how to solve disputes and collaboration.


Dinosaurs (6 weeks)

For the second half of the term our topic will be ‘Dinosaurs’.  In literacy, the children will be looking at non-fiction texts and writing their own facts about dinosaurs using some of the key features from these types of texts. They will also be looking at senses, focusing on seasonal changes through to spring.

Throughout the term in maths we will complete various practical activities, written activities, mental and oral maths tasks.  We will extend our mental maths skills as we continue to learn number bonds, doubling and halving, and continue work on time, measuring and estimating weight. We will also extend our work to look at fractions and multiplication.

The children will also take part in an exciting trip to Peterborough Museum to take part in a Jurassic workshop where they will get to make their own dinosaur fossil.

In history, we will focus on when dinosaurs existed and when they became extinct, as well as William Walker’s discovery.  For geography, we will be identifying continents of the world and focusing on where dinosaurs may have lived in hot and cold climates. Our focus in art will be using clay for modelling and continue our work with repeated patterns.

Our PE focus will be fitness for indoor PE and sending and receiving for outdoor PE. Both of which will look to increase stamina, ball skills, coordination and team sports. In science we will be learning all about plants, including identifying and comparing different plants, seeds, bulbs and trees. We will also name and compare the parts of a plant. 

In RE we will focus on what life is like for a Christian family and in music children will listen to and give their opinions on different styles of music. Our PSHE focus will be ‘Relationship education’, looking at scientific names for body parts and how to keep our bodies safe.