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Year 1

Summer Term 2023 

Our topics this term are Animals and Seasides.  A flavour of some of what the children will be learning and experiencing during these topics is given below.


During this topic we will be writing our own ’what am I?’ riddles and poetry. We will also be exploring stories from other cultures. We will be reading the story of ’Handa’s Surprise’ and retelling the story through role play and story maps. We then be writing our own version using a clear beginning, middle and end in a similar style.  We will also continue to learn how to write extended sentences, using descriptive language and conjunctions. 

In Numeracy, we will extend our mental maths skills as we continue to learn our number bonds, number facts and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We will also continue to learn about money and using our understanding to solve real life mathematical problems. We will also be learning about data handling by collecting data as a tally chart and creating a bar chart to show our results. 

During science, we will continue to explore seasonal changes, spending lots of time outside exploring the world around us. We will begin by looking for signs of spring in the local environment.

In art, we will explore different animal prints and patterns, and make an animal hand puppet using a running stitch. In RE we will look at who Christians say Jesus was and the parables of his messages. In Geography we will use an atlas to locate countries from around the world and look at where different animals live in the world. We will also learn about animals that have become extinct for history. During PSHCE this term we will look at the themes ‘managing risks’ and ‘keeping safe’. For computing, we will be programming the bee-bots to move around a map.  During PE, we will practise our yoga skills and then moving onto athletics later in the term. We also look forward to exciting activities during Sports Week!

We will continue to learn how to stay safe online through reading a variety of stories and role play activities.


After half term we will look at recounts including ‘time words’ such as first, then, after that. We will also be looking at stories with a familiar setting. We continue to practise our capital letters, full stops, adjectives (wow words) and including conjunctions to extend our sentences. We will also be encouraging children to use their spellings in their written work.

Our Numeracy focus will be all four operations, including multiplication and division using practical methods such as arrays.  We will extend the range of numbers we work with and learn more about the number system.  We will be using and applying our mathematical knowledge to solve problems. We will also be learning about measuring and describing the properties of 3D shapes. We will also be learning more about time and fractions.

For Science we will continue to observe the seasonal changes over summer. We will also learn about animals including humans, by grouping and comparing the different types such as mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, fish, insects.

In History, we will explore what seaside holidays were like in different time periods from the past and compare with what they are like today.  We will look at artefacts and we will also place events on a timeline and explore chronology of events.  In Geography we will find out about the human and physical features of the seaside and talk about our own seaside experiences. We will locate seaside towns on a map of the UK. In RE we will focus on the Muslim faith, looking specifically at a Muslim family. During computing lessons we will use the i-Pads to create an animation. For D&T we will be designing, making and evaluating fruit kebabs and learn about how to keep ourselves healthy, with a balanced diet and regular exercise. We will also reinforce healthy lifestyles during PSHCE lessons. In P.E we will build on our multi skills, team games and get ready for KS1’s sports day!