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Year 1

Autumn Term 2021 

Our topics this term are ‘All about me’ and ‘Fire, Fire’.  A flavour of some of what the children will be learning and experiencing during these topics is given below.

All About Me

During this topic we will be exploring friendship, through the story ‘Elmer’ and ‘The BFG’. We will also explore our senses through different poetry styles. In addition, the children will be looking at a variety of Traditional Tales; exploring the characters, language and style.   We will be describing the characters and settings using adjectives. We will also sequence and retell the story through role play and sequencing pictures and story maps.

In maths we will consolidate our learning from Reception and build upon our knowledge of number.  We will also develop our addition and subtraction skills, and explore time, money and shapes. We will be starting a new, ‘Number Sense’ programme which will involve exploring mental maths through 15-minute daily sessions.

Also during this topic, in geography we will be finding out more about the area we live in; identifying human and physical features of school and Hampton Hargate through fieldwork and maps. In history, we will look at the prominent historical figures which our classes are named after.

In science we will learn all about seasonal changes throughout the year and have the opportunity to do some outdoor learning relating to this.  We will also learn about our bodies and our senses, as well as what each sense is used for.

We will look carefully at portrait pictures and famous artists to help us to create our own portrait picture.  In music we will be exploring sounds and beats as well as singing songs linked to our topic. 

Fire Fire

We will begin the term in literacy by learning about the difference between fiction and non- fiction texts. After doing some research using information books and the internet, we will start to compile our own information pages based on this topic, using features such as contents and index pages, diagrams, captions, photographs and formal language. We will be fact-finding and producing lots of interesting written work all about The Great Fire of London.

In history we will find out about how we use timelines to understand more about how historical events, like the Great Fire of London, unfold. This historical event will also aid our learning about locating places on a map and how features of cities have changed over time. We will also learn about Guy Fawkes and why he is a significant figure today when we mark Bonfire night. 

Also during this topic we will continue our work on seasonal change, carrying out observations and look at living things and their habitats. We will make good use of the Forest School and the school’s pond area for this work.

In PE we will move around the hall in a variety of ways; exploring the many skills our bodies are capable of through movement.  We will also practise our throwing and catching skills to help us play a variety of games. 

Our topic will also link well to art and DT through investigating silhouettes and colour mixing, and designing and building our own fire engines.

At the end of term we will learn about the festival of Christmas and how it is celebrated. We will complete various Christmas activities.  The children will also make decorations and find out about the Christmas Story.  

Over the two half terms we will continue to learn about how to stay safe when using the internet through a variety of stories and learn more about the technology we use every day. We will also look into creating different media through computing.