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Summer Term 2018

Our two topics this term are Water Water! and SportA flavour of some of what the children will be learning and experiencing during these topics is given below.

Water Water!

During this topic we will be exploring stories from other cultures.  This will allow us to begin to use patterned language so that we can continue to develop our vocabulary, by using a variety of interesting adjectives to make our writing exciting, and use a range of punctuation accurately. We will be finding out about the water cycle and will look at some big rivers from around the world as well as oceans and seas.  We will begin to look at artists that use water as inspiration for their work, before creating our own Monet inspired water picture. 

In science we will learn about animals. We will classify a variety of well-known animals into groups, sort them depending on their local environment, learn about what they need to survive and eat, creating simple food chains. We will then write our own information booklet about animals that live in water. For PE our focus will be multi skills and ball skills, which will help us get ready for sports day.  We will be listening to music inspired by water. We will learn about how the composer and musicians use different instruments and voices to represent the sound of water.


After half term we will be looking at a variety of different sports and we are looking forward to our trip to the Peterborough football stadium.  In Literacy we will start by continuing to extend our story writing skills, looking at ‘Winnie the Witch’ by Valerie Thomas and ‘The Little Polar Bear’ by Hans de Beer. Then we will look at using imperative verbs to help us write instructions. This topic creates opportunity for us to design and make a sports mascot puppet.  In science we will continue to learn about animals, focusing on humans. We will learn about the different body parts and our senses, how we grow, and how to keep healthy with a balanced diet and regular exercise.  As part of Languages Week each class will look at an international country in detail before learning new languages and cultures from around the world and share this with other classes. During music we will investigate the use of music at sporting events and listen to popular sports themes.

Activities for the term

In Numeracy we will begin to learn about multiplication, and use arrays to help us visualise them. We will then use arrays to help us find out and write the multiplication calculation. We will also learn about fractions which will then help us with our division later on in the term. Throughout the term we will continue to consolidate our addition, subtraction and number work by completing various practical activities, written activities, mental and oral maths tasks and will use ICT in our learning. During the whole term we will follow the SEAL units of work in PSHCE.  These units will promote the children’s social and emotional wellbeing by encouraging the children to build and maintain social skills, develop their own self confidence and esteem, and develop the children’s sense of belonging to a community.