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Autumn Term 2018-19

Our topics this term are Superheroes and Dinosaurs. A flavour of some of what the children will be learning and experiencing during these topics is given below.


During this topic we will be exploring stories about superheroes. We will be focusing on stories with a fantasy setting. The two stories we will be looking at are ‘Super Daisy and the Peril of Planet Pea’ and ‘Charlie and his Superhero Underpants’.

We will be describing the characters and the fantasy settings using adjectives. We will also sequence and retell the story through role play and sequencing pictures and story maps.

Next we will also be looking closely at using our senses in poetic verse. We will be exploring our senses and will include adjectives in our own poems.

In maths we will consolidate our learning from Reception and build upon our knowledge of number. We will also develop our addition and subtraction skills as well as our mental maths skills.

Also during this topic we will find out about a variety of different superheroes and what makes a superhero, before having the opportunity to design and make and make our own costumes in D&T.

In science we will learn all about seasonal changes throughout the year and have the opportunity to create some lovely art work related to this. We will also learn about animals that hibernate through the winter and why.

We will look carefully at portrait pictures and famous artists to help us to create our own portrait picture. In music we will be exploring sounds and beats as well as singing songs linked to our topic.


We will begin the term in literacy by learning about the difference between fiction and non- fiction texts. After doing some research using information books and the internet, we will start to compile our own information pages based on this topic, using features such as contents and index pages, diagrams, captions, photographs and formal language. We will be fact-finding and producing lots of interesting written work all about dinosaurs.

In Topic we will find out about the different historic time periods when dinosaurs were on the Earth. We will learn about the different types of dinosaurs that existed and explore the archaeological evidence that shows how we know about them today. We will look at a world map and see how it has changed over time. We will learn names of the continents and seas, placing them correctly onto a map.

Also during this topic we will learn all about plants and trees as part of science. We will identify different trees by looking at the shape of their leaves and learn what plants need to survive.

In PE we will move around the hall in a variety of ways similar to different types of dinosaurs. We will also practise our throwing and catching skills to help us play a variety of games.

To consolidate our dinosaurs topic we are hoping to visit the Peterborough Museum in the new year to take part in a dinosaur workshop. There will be a letter going out soon with further details.

At the end of term we will learn about the festival of Christmas and how it is celebrated. We will complete various Christmas activities. The children will also make decorations and find out about the Christmas Story.

Over the two half terms we will continue to learn about how to stay safe when using the internet through a variety of stories.