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Spring Term 2019

Our topics this term are Castles and Robots.  A flavour of some of what the children will be learning and experiencing during these topics is given below.


During this topic we will be exploring ‘Traditional tales’ such as The Three Little Pigs and set in castles such as ’Cinderella’.  We will be reading these stories first before retelling them in our own words. We will deconstruct the stories, splitting them into beginning, middle and end. We will also learn how to write extended sentences, using descriptive language and conjunctions.

Our Numeracy focus for the first half term will be consolidating number and addition and subtraction using a variety of resources to help us, before beginning to learn about money. We will extend the range of numbers we work with and learn more about the number system. We will then apply these skills we have learnt to word problems, and use them as we begin to learn to problem solve.

Also during this topic we will explore the different types of houses. We will  look at how houses have changed over time, and who may have lived in a castle in the past and present. For Geography we will be exploring aerial photographs. For Art we will learn about shields and coat of arms before designing and making our own personal shields and crowns.

During indoor PE we will learn all about dancing, in particular the ’Waltz’ and will continue to improve our multi-skills. 


After half term we will be looking at how to write instructions. We will learn about what type of language is linked to instructions, as well as  creating our own instructions and for using algorithms with the BeeBots. We will program it by giving it a precise set of instructions and then write them in our books. Then we will look at dictionaries, how they are in alphabetical order and how we can use these quickly and efficiently to find the meaning of words.

Throughout the term in Numeracy we will complete various practical activities, written activities, mental and oral maths tasks and will use ICT in our learning.  We will extend our mental maths skills as we continue to learn number bonds, and begin to look at time, 3D shapes, measuring and estimating weight.

We will start to find out about everyday materials, investigating which materials are suitable for making robots depending on their properties. We will find out about how some materials can be recycled and made into new materials.  We will explore how this can help to save the environment. We will also recap how to stay safe on line by reading stories and singing songs.

During DT we will get the opportunity to design, make and evaluate our own robot models. We will sculpture models from junk materials. 

We will learn the skills such as throwing and catching to be able to play rounders.