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Year 2

Autumn Term 2021 

Our topics this term are All about me and FIRE FIRE


During Literacy this term, we will be identifying the features of letters. We write our own letters to ourselves in the future and we will also write a letter to a person who is special to us explaining why we have chosen them. Throughout the term, we will focus on writing simple sentences ensuring that all of our sentences include a capital letter, finger spaces and punctuation at the end. We will also explore how to make our writing more interesting by including a range of adjectives when writing character descriptions, list poems and adventure stories.

In Numeracy, we will be learning about the place value of numbers up to 100, looking at tens and ones. We will partition 2-digit numbers and compare and order numbers. We will practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.  We will learn how to add and subtract two 2-digit numbers together, crossing the tens and working out ten more or ten less. We will also be exploring shapes. We will name and describe the properties of common 2D and 3D shapes.

In Science, we will learn about animals including humans.  We will learn how animals have offspring that grow into adults and identify how animals change as they grow.  We will learn about the basic needs of humans and animals.  We will use scientific enquiry skills of ‘Identifying, Classifying and Grouping’, ’Pattern Seeking’ and ‘Observing over Time’.  We will also carry out an investigation asking: Do taller children have larger hands?

In Geography, we will be learning about our local area.  We will use the term ‘urban’ and ‘rural’; undertake field work in the school grounds and go on a field trip outside of school to learn about the human and physical features of Hampton Hargate.  We will learn about what maps represent and use some basic map symbols.

In History, we will be learning about our class name. We will learn about famous nurses from the past, Seacole (2RW), Cavell (2KW) and Nightingale (2JG). We will learn why they are famous and why we remember them. We will compare nurses and hospitals from the past and present.

In Computing, we will be learning about what information technology (IT) is. We will be able to identify examples of IT and we will find out how IT improves our world. We will also be learning about how to use IT safely and responsibly in a range of different environments.

In Art, we will be exploring portraits and self-portraits by a range of artists. We will develop our ability to construct an opinion about artwork and will be reflective upon our own artwork too. We will experiment with a range of drawing media to create a range of visual effects and we will then use this knowledge we’ve acquired to sketch and paint our own self-portraits. After learning about colour and how we can use colour to express ourselves, we will create another self-portrait and use colours that reflect and express ourselves.

During Music, we will be exploring music from South Africa, in particular, Afropop. We will learn different rhythms and beats using a song ‘Hands, feet and heart’ as inspiration.

In PE, during indoor PE, we will develop the fundamental skills of balancing, running, changing direction, jumping, hopping and skipping. We will have opportunities to work with a range of different equipment. We will observe and recognise improvements for our own and others' skills and identify areas of strength. We will work collaboratively with others, taking turns and sharing ideas. During outdoor PE, we will develop our fundamental ball skills such as throwing and catching, rolling, hitting a target, dribbling with both hands and feet and kicking a ball. We will have the opportunity to work independently, in pairs and small groups.

As part of our learning in RE, we will learn about Judaism and why the Torah is important to Jewish people.  We will learn the story of Moses and why the ten commandments are important to Jewish people.  We will learn about Shabbat, the synagogue and Rosh Hashana.

In PSHE, we will be following the Cambridgeshire scheme. Our topics will be Rights, rules and responsibilities.  We will be able to name adults in school who look after us and describe their responsibilities. We will be able to describe some of the responsibilities we have in the classroom and towards family and friends. We will understand why we have classroom rules and describe what the classroom would be like without them. We will be able to explain what is meant by voting and be able to name some people who make decisions at school. We will share information, opinions and feelings and listen to those of others, as part of a class discussion.


During Literacy this term, we will be exploring the diary entries of Samuel Pepys as part of our History work on The Great Fire of London. We will look at identifying the features of diaries and be creating our own diary entries too. We will also be learning about information texts and create our own about The Great Fire of London. As part of our poetry work, we will also explore rhyming poetry.

In Numeracy, we will begin by learning about money. We will make and write amounts of money. We will recognise coins. We will add money together to make a total and understand change. We will look at multiplication and division, particularly in the 2, 5 and 10 x table. We will double and halve numbers to 20. We will explore measures. We will measure and compare lengths, weights and capacities. We will look at data including tally charts, block graphs and pictograms. We will interpret data and discuss our findings. We will end the term exploring time. We will understand hours, minutes and seconds. We will learn to tell the time on an analogue and challenge ourselves to learn 5-minute intervals.

In Science, we will be able to identify a variety of everyday materials and distinguish between an object and its materials. We will carry out our own investigations to explore and find out about the suitability of materials. We will explore different materials. We will identify and compare the suitability of a variety of everyday materials, including wood, metal, plastic, glass, brick, rock, paper and cardboard for different uses. We will find out how the shapes of solid objects made from some materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching.

As part of Geography, we will learn where the Great Fire took place and locate places on a map of the UK.  We will use directional language and the four compass directions.

During History, we will begin by looking at The Gunpowder Plot and Bonfire Night.  We will also learn all about The Great Fire of London and the origins and development of our fire brigade.  Fire safety will also be a focus of this topic. 

In Computing, we will be exploring data and information. We will begin by using labels to put objects into groups, and labelling these groups. We will demonstrate that we can count a small number of objects, before and after the objects are grouped. We will then begin to demonstrate our ability to sort objects into different groups, based on the properties we choose. Finally, we will use our ability to sort objects into different groups to answer questions about data.

In Art, we will explore mixing a range of paints to create the three secondary colours and we will learn about ‘warm’ and ‘cold’ colours. We will experiment with a range of dry and wet media to see what effects we can create for our own Great Fire of London silhouette artwork. We will also continue to develop our ability to be reflective and construct an opinion about artwork. 

In Design Technology, we will be exploring fire engines. We will look at how they have changed over time and the key features of a fire engine. We will design, make and evaluate our own fire engine. We will use a range of joining techniques. We will explore wheels and axels.

During Music, we will begin by exploring rapping. We will understand what rapping is and create our own raps. We will also be exploring and learning Christmas songs.

In PE, we will learn explore and develop basic gymnastic actions on the floor and using apparatus. We will develop gymnastic skills of jumping, rolling, balancing and travelling individually and in combination to create short sequences and movement phrases. We will develop an awareness of compositional devices when creating sequences to include the use of shapes, levels and directions. We will learn to work safely with and around others and whilst using apparatus. During outdoor PE, we will develop the basic skills required in invasion games such as sending, receiving and dribbling a ball. We will develop our understanding of attacking and defending and what being 'in possession' means. We will have the opportunity to play uneven and even sided games and learn how to score points in these types of games and how to play to the rules. We will show respect and kindness towards our teammates and opponents.

As part of our learning in RE, we will be learning about what happens in the Christmas story. We will be able to retell the story and sequence the key events. We will understand how and why Christmas is celebrated and learn about the traditions round this celebration.

In PSHE, we will be following the Cambridgeshire Scheme. Our topic will be ‘My emotions.’ We will be able to describe how we are feeling, including how strong that feeling is. We will be able to recognise feelings in others. We will develop some strategies to deal with our own strong emotions, including calming and relaxing ourselves. We will know that there is a link between thoughts, feelings and behaviour.  We will begin to understand that how we feel can affect how we approach and tackle tasks, including learning, and have some strategies for regaining a positive frame of mind. We will develop some understanding of the difference between behaviour which is impulsive and that which is thought through.