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Summer Term 2019

Our topics this term are Animals and the Seaside.  A flavour of some of what the children will be learning and experiencing during these topics is given below.


During this topic we will be exploring extended stories about animals. We will be reading these stories first before writing our own version using a clear beginning, middle and end in a similar style.  We will also continue to learn how to write extended sentences, using descriptive language and conjunctions.  We will also research information on animals before writing a non-chronological report.

Our Numeracy focus for the first term will be all four operations, and we will focus on real life problem solving and mathematics in everyday life.  We will extend the range of numbers we work with and learn more about the number system.  We will be using and applying our mathematical knowledge to solve problems.

Also during this topic will explore plants and animals in our local environment.  This will involve walking around the school grounds looking for animals and investigating their habitats.  We will also look at the food chains and life cycles of a selection of animals.

We will explore different animal prints, textures and patterns in art.  In RE we will look at children in Britain who believe in different faiths, discussing how our lives are similar and different.

We will continue to learn how to stay safe online through reading a variety of stories and role play activities.

The Seaside 

After half term we will look at stories with a familiar setting and develop further our use of descriptive language and our punctuation skills.  We will also look at a variety of explanation texts before writing our own explanation about different weather patterns.

Throughout the term in Numeracy we will complete various practical activities, written activities, mental and oral maths tasks and will use ICT resources in our learning.  We will extend our mental maths skills as we continue to learn our times tables, number bonds and number facts then practise using these when  problem solving.

We will explore what seaside holidays were like in different time periods from the past and compare with what they are like today.  We will place events on a timeline and explore chronology of events.  In Geography we will find out about the physical features of the seaside and talk about our own seaside experiences.

Also during this topic we will learn about how to keep ourselves healthy, with a balanced diet and regular exercise.  We will have the opportunity to design a healthy balanced menu for a day as well as designing and making a healthy snack.

In P.E we will build on our multi skills and get ready for victory during KS1 sports day. 

During PSHCE this term we will look at the themes ‘Good to be me’ and ‘Changes’.  These units of work will promote the children’s social and emotional wellbeing by encouraging the children to build and maintain social skills, develop their own self confidence and self esteem and develop the children’s sense of belonging to a community.