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Summer Term 2018

Our two topics this term are Water Water! and SportA flavour of some of what the children will be learning and experiencing during these topics is given below.

Water Water!

In Literacy during this topic we will be reading stories with water themes.  This will include reading a variety of stories before having the opportunity to create our own.  We will continue to use a variety of interesting adjectives to make our writing exciting and use a range of punctuation accurately.  We will also focus on grammar and spelling rules and try to ensure we are using these in our independent writing.

Also during this topic we will learn all about plants and trees as part of science.  We will identify different trees by looking at the shape of their leaves and learn what plants need to survive.

In art we will use water colours and paintbrush techniques to create different water pictures and have an opportunity to look at different artists.  We will use one of our Literacy texts, ‘The Bog Baby’ as inspiration for our artwork.  We will find out about how children from different religions live their lives and how different they are from ours.


After half term we will be looking at a variety of different sports linked to up and coming sporting events such as the Euro 2016, Wimbledon and the Olympics.  We will have the opportunity to learn all about a different country during International Languages week, finding out about new cultures and learning some new words in a new language.  In Literacy we will read stories written by some significant authors before writing our own in a similar style.   We will learn about how to keep healthy, by eating a balanced diet and taking part in regular exercise.  For PE our focus will be multi skills and athletics, which will help us get ready for sports day.

This topic creates opportunity for us to design and make a sports mascot puppet as part of our DT. 

Our Numeracy focus for this term will be exploring the four operations addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and using the inverse to check our answers.  We will use and apply our maths skills to solve a variety of problems and develop our mental maths skills ready for KS2.

Throughout the term we will also complete various practical activities, written activities, mental and oral maths tasks and will use ICT in our learning.  We will continue to learn our times tables and practise using these to solve word problems.

During the whole term we will follow the Cambridgeshire Scheme of Work for PSHCE and the SEAL units of work.  These units of work will promote the children’s social and emotional wellbeing by encouraging the children to build and maintain social skills, develop their own self confidence and self-esteem and develop their sense of belonging to a community. 

We will continue to learn about how to stay safe when using the internet and also how to take and edit photographs/films.