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Autumn Term 2019

Outdoor PE

This term Year 3 and 4 will be focussing on the invasion game tag rugby. They will learn how to catch and throw while both stationary and on the move. The children will also develop their skills of tagging and sidestepping as well as making tactical decisions about when to make passes and tags. They will also learn the skill of intercepting, and will be introduced to the offside rule.


In Computing this term, children will have many opportunities to become more confident and competent users of a range of programmes on different devices. Understanding how to stay safe online will be a key focus throughout all lessons. Whilst engaging in a range of tasks, children will develop a variety of key skills including: typing quickly and accurately, effective electronic communication, conducting suitable research, multimedia authoring and digital creativity.


This term we will be linking our art work with our science topic about Light. We will be developing our colour mixing skills with increasing accuracy and using a wide range of vocabulary. We will learn about light and shade and how artists use them to great effect. We will also make informed choices about 3D sculpture and have a go at creating some ourselves after looking at the work of accomplished artists. Finally, we will look at the phenomenon of The Northern Lights and develop our skills of using pastels to create our own magical skies.


In the Autumn term Years 3 and 4 will be learning about the Anglo-Saxon and the Vikings. Why they originally came to invade our country and why they decided to settle and make it their home too. We shall be looking at their everyday lives, comparing their lives to our modern ones in the 21st century. We shall be finding out: where the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings fit into British history and investigating the mysteries of Sutton Hoo. Our Anglo-Saxon WOW days will start the topic with a detailed insight into their world.


In the first half of the Autumn term the children will discover and explore the exciting Hindu festival of Diwali. They will find out all about the story of Rama and Sita, make Rangoli patterns and understand why it is known as a festival of light.  Children will make links with our Science topic Light. In the second half they will examine the structure of the Bible and the stories within it to explore why it is such an important book to Christians.


During the autumn term much of our Literacy work will be closely linked with our Topic work. We will be using the book Beowulf to bring this period of prehistory to life. The children will imagine what it would be like to time travel and write diary entries and informal letters based on their imagined experiences. They will also design their own monsters and use this to create a piece of descriptive writing. Other text types such as short story writing, instructions and newspaper articles will also be explored. We will also focus on developing their spelling, grammar and punctuation skills. Children will revise knowledge of the basic parts of a sentence and identify and use nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Later in the term they will discuss punctuation and the effect it has in their sentences and also when they are reading. Spelling lists and grammar lessons will be linked closely together and will provide opportunities for children to explore words analytically, for example by looking at suffixes or prefixes. Children will have weekly spelling tests with words linked to the National curriculum lists.


During the Autumn term children will revise and consolidate some of the topics covered in Year 2 such as place value and putting 2 and 3- digit numbers on a number line in the correct place. They will develop their sense of number and also revise written and mental methods for addition and subtraction. Children will find fractions of shape and number, use money and engage in various problem- solving activities. They will also be given opportunities to deepen their understanding through taking a mastery approach. They will be given access TT Rockstars which will encourage them to learn their times tables and related division fact. This will help them to start working towards gaining their times tables awards by becoming fluent in these facts in readiness for Year 4.


Our Science topic is Light in the first half of the Autumn term. The children will discuss what prior knowledge they have about Light then learn and interpret the meaning of vocabulary about Light. They will recognise that they need light in order to see things and that dark is the absence of light. They will understand that light is reflected from surfaces and travels in straight lines. They will also recognise that light from the sun can be dangerous, carry out experiments to understand this and learn how to protect their skin and their eyes. The children will also find out how shadows are formed and carry out an investigation to find patterns in the way that the size of shadows change across one day.


Across the whole school we will be discussing conflict resolution and how children can begin to sort problems out. They will also learn to consider the viewpoint of other people to enable them to solve conflicts.