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Summer Term 2018


This half term we will be covering Sikhism, and what it is like to be a Sikh in Peterborough. We will learn about the origins of the religion and study details of their place or worship as well as sacred artefacts. The second half term will focus on “What is faith” where the children will understand what faith means and how important it is to religious beliefs as well as everyday situations.


This term DT will be closely linked to our topic about rainforests and also Fairtrade. The children will explore what Fairtrade is and design a pancake using ingredients supplied by Fairtrade. They will make their pancakes and evaluate their ideas, saying what worked well and what they would do differently if they made them again.

Outdoor Learning

This term the children will be designing and building shelters. They will examine and discuss pictures of shelters made by people from other parts of the world, then use teamwork and share their ideas to construct shelters and find ways to improve them.


Year 3 children will spend time consolidating their knowledge of fractions of shape and number and solving missing number sums for addition and subtraction. They will consolidate their knowledge of written methods of calculation, including the column method for addition and subtraction. They will continue to learn their times tables facts and work towards gaining their times tables awards, or towards new mental maths passport targets if they have already achieved their Gold Times Tables Award. Many children will explore multiplication as being commutative (that it works both ways) and then learn how to multiply larger numbers together by using the grid method. Some children will also find ways to divide bigger numbers and investigate the relationship between multiplication and division to check their answers are correct. The children will continue to develop their problem solving skills by solving problems using money, measures and time as well as solving worded problems and more practical mathematical investigations.


In Literacy this term we are going to be looking at ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ and ‘The Vanishing Rainforest’s’ as both of these books link closely to our geography topic of Rainforests. The children are going to be exploring setting descriptions, characters emotions and feelings, story writing and persuasive writing. Literacy is going to make cross links with science through looking at deforestation and how this has an impact on animal’s homes and lives. The children will continue to have weekly grammar and phonics lessons looking at how sentence are structured, punctuation and some spelling patterns.


This term our studies will be focussed on plants and the natural world around us. We will start by looking at what types of plants there are followed by investigating the different sections of a flowering plant and their functions. We shall be investigating how humans have both a positive and negative affect on the natural environment and what we can do to support of the world’s flora and fauna.


We are going to be studying Rainforests in our Art lessons this term, starting off with seeing how many different shades of green we can mix. Oenone  Hammersley is the artist  we will study and the children will practise sketching rainforest  pictures and animals using a variety of graded  pencils.  They will then experiment with a variety of medium to create spectacular works of art!


In the first half term the children will be looking at the topic “Good to be Me.” They will consider their local environment and how litter impacts on the animals and people who inhabit it. Children will think about the needs of their pets, wild animals and farm animals and responsibilities that humans have to make sure the needs of the animal are met. They will look at acting assertively and managing their feelings. In the second half term children will consider “Citizenship”. They will explore what citizenship means and what it means to be a citizen. The children will also be looking at British values and how they impact on their lives.


In Geography this term out topic is the Rainforests. Our Key question for the topic is ‘Will the Toucan survive?’ We will make close curricular links between Geography, Literacy and Art.  The children are going to be exploring where rainforests are found around the world, what the climate is like there, the different layers of the rainforest and the animals found within them. They will be learning that the rainforests are located near the Equator and that their climates can be tropical or temperate.


In Outdoor PE this term we will focus on kwik Cricket and rounders. We will be practising a range of different skills including batting, where children will work on coaching their partner to perfect their swing. Throwing and catching skills will be practised throughout every lesson, focusing on a range of different throws to cover a range of distances. We will continue to work on teamwork and children will be applying this knowledge to short cricket and rounders games where they can put all their skills into practise. We will also be preparing for sports day, so will have a few sessions developing our athletic skills.

In Indoor PE the children will have a specialist dance teacher taking their sessions. They will have some Zumba sessions to help their fitness and coordination as well as other dance session developing key dance skills.


This term the focus for computing in Year 4 will be multimedia projects. We using the app iMovie as well as using green screen technology to make our own adverts and documentaries which will relate to our rainforest topic. We will also be having e-safety lessons looking at what constitutes appropriate online interaction and how to ensure that we always stay safe online.