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Autumn Term 2018-19


In Science this term we are learning all about Rocks and Soils, which links nicely to our topic. Starting with what a rock is and how different rocks are formed, we will be making our very own Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary rocks!  We will be learning all about the properties of rocks and investigating the permeability and durability of them. The rock cycle is a process which we will investigate which links us nicely onto soils and the different types. It is going to be a fun and hands on topic!


This term in computing we will be looking at E-safety and Making Music. Firstly we will be talking about how to ensure we are being safe online. We will also be using apps on the IPad to make music. We will be using the different apps to manipulate sound and to create a story using images and sound. We will also be discussing how different pieces of music make us feel and what volume, tempo, and pitch means.


In the autumn term in PE we will be looking at two different sports Tag Rugby and Football. In the first half term we will be looking at Tag Rugby and the different skills that are needed in the sport, for example, how to stand when throwing the ball and the different rules. After October half term we will switch our attention to football and be looking at how to pass the ball using the inside part of the foot and how to dribble the ball around players with the intention of scoring a goal. With both sports we will be discussing how it is a non-contact sport and what this means. Our PE coaches will also continue to work with us each week to enhance our indoor skills.


 This term we will be learning about Christianity and Hinduism.   Firstly we will be learning about the Bible and why is it important to Christians.  We will focus on the composition of the Bible and its significance and use in the lives of believers today.  The second half of the term we will be specifically looking at how and why Hindus celebrate Diwali.  We will learn about the origins of this festival of light and the different ways Hindus celebrate it.

Outdoor Learning

 This term our outdoor learning will be linked to our Stone Age History work.


This term our studies are focussed on Pre-history, from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We shall be finding out about the different features of the age, the people, their tools, their culture and how they lived their lives, contrasting this with how we live our lives today. We shall be taking on the role of an archaeologist and learning how they find out about pre-historic times from the evidence that is left behind. To investigate at first hand different types of evidence from Pre-historic Britain, we shall also be visiting Flag Fen at the end of October.


We celebrate New beginnings by considering what “Beginning and Belonging” means. This unit, taught at the start of Year 3, aims to help the children to integrate happily into their new class. It examines their feelings and gives opportunities to discuss and consider the feelings of others, offering help and time for reflection when dealing with change and moving forward.  In the second half of the term children think about “Going for Goals” and talk about their targets and ambitions for the year, discussing ways in which they can manage and achieve these goals realistically.


Children will revise knowledge of the basic parts of a sentence and identify and use nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Later in the term they will discuss punctuation and the effect it has in their sentences and also when they are reading. Spelling lists and grammar lessons will be linked closely together and will provide opportunities for children to explore words analytically, for example by looking at suffixes or prefixes.


During the autumn term children will revise and consolidate some of the topics covered in Year 2 such as place value and putting 2 and 3 digit numbers on a number line in the correct place. They will develop their sense of number and also revise written and mental methods for column addition and subtraction. Children will find fractions of shape and number, use money and engage in various problem solving activities. They will be encouraged to learn their times tables and related division facts and will start working towards gaining their times tables awards by becoming fluent in these facts.


During the autumn term much of our Literacy work will be closely linked with our Topic work. We will be using the book Stone Age Boy to bring this period of prehistory to life. The children will imagine what it would be like to time travel to the Stone Age and write diary entries and informal letters home based on their imagined experiences. They will also write instructions for How to Bath a Woolly Mammoth or some other Stone Age creature. They will explore different types of poetry and write Stone Age kennings as well as writing and solving Stone Age riddles.


Linking our art to the history topic ,we will begin our art work this term by recapping on colour mixing skills and creating paint of a good consistency to make marks with a variety of brushes. We will use these skills to paint our own cave paintings with animals seen during the Stone Age, having found out more about caves that have been found in France and Spain. We will also look at the structure of Stonehenge and create our own art work. Moving on to the Iron Age, we will look at jewellery worn and create our own focusing on colour and design.

Design and Technology

We will be linking our DT this term to our Stone Age to Iron Age topic by finding out what people would have eaten. We will then be practising our food preparation skills and cooking and eating an Iron Age Feast.


Music this term will be linked to our class topics. We will be exploring how instruments can be classified by the sounds they produce. We will also be exploring rhythms and musical textures including using our voices to make sounds. Year 4 will also have the opportunity to play in a Samba drumming ensemble.