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Year 4

Autumn Term 2022 


We are very excited about our literacy work this term as we will be studying a variety of great texts-based characters living in pre-historic times including ‘Stone Age Boy’ the story of a boy who travels back in time to discover a whole new world and the film text ‘The Croods’, when we will learn how difficult it could be to live in pre-historic times. Through the texts we shall be studying different characters and why they acted as they did. Researching information, writing stories, newspaper articles, descriptions and instructions. In our grammar lessons we will be We are going to be busy!


In Numeracy we shall start off the term by revising our skills in number and place value, we will apply this when revising the written methods for the four rules of number. Problem solving is an important skill in the mastery curriculum; this involves the application of the children’s knowledge to a variety of everyday situations, rather than just being able to work out a page of sums. We will be working hard on building up a quick and accurate recall of all the times tables up to 12x12. Knowledge of the division facts will be extremely valuable when we apply this to other areas of the curriculum such as fractions and decimals. We shall continue to use the ICT programme TT Rockstars to consolidate the children’s knowledge, which they really enjoy using.


We are going to be transporting the children back to a pre-historic time (one without dinosaurs!) to investigate the lives of Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age Britain. We shall be exploring the world of the archaeologist and how they can tell what life was like before records were kept. We shall be finding out how the people of these ages lived and compare our modern lives with the lives of our ancestors.


In PSHE this term we are investigating rules and responsibilities. We will be exploring the importance of having rules at home and at school and what we mean by rights and responsibilities. It is important that the children know about democracy so we investigate how we make democratic decisions in school.


In the Autumn term, we will be creating Iron Age roundhouses. The children will research, design and create a plan for their construction. After that, the children will follow their instructions to create their own roundhouse. The children will be using a variety of materials including clay and straw to get an authentic look. Finally, children will evaluate their product.


During this first term, the children will be working with our Sports Coach, Mr James. He will be teaching fitness and fundamental skills and pupils will take part in many fitness challenges and they will be learning about the different components of fitness. Pupils will also be developing the fundamental skills of balancing, running, jumping, hopping and skipping.  For outdoor PE sessions children will be taking part in football and hockey. During football sessions pupils will be encouraged to persevere when developing in key skills and principles such as defending, attacking, sending, receiving and dribbling a ball, building on their knowledge of tactics and how to work effectively as a team. In hockey sessions, pupils will learn to contribute to the game by helping to gain and keep possession of the ball, use simple attacking tactics using sending, receiving and dribbling a ball.


This term in science we are exploring our new topic of rocks and soils as it links brilliantly to our pre-history topic. We will start the year off with a visit from Dr Helen at Paleoquest which will give the children an opportunity to handle rocks and fossils. Throughout the term we will learn about different types of rocks and their properties, understand how fossils are formed and research the famous fossil collector Mary Anning. We will learn about how soil is formed and explore our school grounds to ‘dig up’ some soil and compare it to a variety of other soils. Throughout our learning we will be developing and improving our working scientifically skills as well as having a lot of fun!


In year 4, we will be learning some exciting things in Computing. We will start off by learning about the internet. Learners will apply their knowledge and understanding of networks, to appreciate the internet as a network of networks which need to be kept secure. In the second half term, we will be creating media and editing audio. Children will examine devices capable of recording digital audio, which will include identifying the input and output devices.


This Autumn Term we are learning how faith teaches people to treat each other with kindness and respect. We will be exploring how people use their faith as an example to lead a good life. In the second half term we will be able to explain the true meaning of Christmas, by looking at the story of Christmas and the celebrations that occur and why.


We will be linking our art work this term to our Stone Age topic. We will be developing our colour mixing skills and using a variety of different medium to create colour and texture. We will be looking at the very first artists who created cave paintings and finding out more about what these might have meant and working with a partner to create our own cave pictures. We will also develop our skills by painting our own woolly mammoths. We will use stories to help us find out more about art from the past. We will develop our art vocabulary and build up more detailed sketchbooks as a way of recording our art journey.


This term we will look at different songs in the genre of “Soul and Gospel”. We will use more notes on the treble clef, and sing the songs as well as develop performances including instruments. The children will use the songs to compose their own lyrics, as well as develop an understanding of the contexts of the song and music. Through listening work, the children will also widen their experience of instruments they can hear, and how they are played.