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Year 4

Summer Term 2021 


We will begin this term by consolidating their learning from the Spring term and then our studies will focus on the topics of decimals and fractions, money, shape, symmetry and angles. In all these topics we shall be extending the children’s understanding and application through puzzles and problem solving. We shall be challenging the children’s powers of mental arithmetic and their knowledge of both multiplication and division facts for the times tables up to 12 x 12. As a direct curriculum link with our History topic on the Romans we shall also be studying how to read and work with Roman Numerals.


To start off the term we will be concluding our work on Mary Poppins Returns which involves up-levelling different types of sentences and we will be creating a fact file about Big Ben, investigating the lyrics of one of the songs which also provide links to our PSHCE curriculum. We will be taking on the role of estate agents with our persuasive writing work on selling Roman houses. ‘Escape from Pompeii’ is the text that we will be analysing and working from, again providing curriculum links with our topics work. After half-term, to supplement our Science topic on forces and magnets, we will be reading ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. We will continue to focus our attentions on our weekly spelling lists and appropriate and necessary grammar and punctuation. Reading comprehension and inference skills will continue to be taught through our guided reading sessions. Regular reading at home is still so important to your child’s progress across the curriculum.


Our studies in the summer term will be based on the topics of ‘Milestones in our Lives’. Through this topic, we shall be investigating how different world religions celebrate particular times in a follower’s life. We will look at birth and the beginning of life, when a child becomes an adult as well as marriage and commitment. In our topic ‘Religions in our Neighbourhood’ we will be investigating the different religions we have in our area, where they are and who they represent.


This term Years 3 and 4 are discovering why the Romans came to Britain. We shall start off by finding out who the Romans were, where they came from and we shall be exploring their reasons for invasion. We will be investigating different interpretations of Boudicca and learning about her rebellion. Future studies will include investigating: Roman food, clothes, roads, the Roman army, Roman towns, villas, entertainment and lots more. We will be linking our History and Literacy becoming Roman estate agents and writing letters of complaint, using our computing skills for research. The children will also be taking part in a ‘Roman Wow Day,’ where we shall take part in a variety of different activities further exploring life in Roman Britain and their legacy.


This term in Science we are looking at Sound and then Forces and Magnets, both topics are exciting, practical and fun. We are going to start our Science learning this term focusing on Sound when we will all participate in a virtual Sonic Sound presentation from Cambridge Science Centre.  We will learn how sounds are made, how it travels and we will investigate pitch and volume too. In forces and magnets we will explore how magnets work, what materials are attracted to magnets and find out about forces and how they work. As always we will be focusing on specific topic related vocabulary, books as well as making the lessons fun and practical.

Outdoor PE

During this unit, the children will develop basic running, jumping and throwing techniques. They will be set challenges for distance and time which involve using different styles and combinations of running, jumping and throwing. The children will be encouraged to think about how to achieve their greatest possible speed, height, distance or accuracy and learn how to persevere to achieve their personal best.  In our cricket lessons, the children will learn how to strike the ball into space so that they can score runs. When fielding, they will learn how to keep the batters’ scores low. In all games activities, they will be encouraged to think about how they use skills, strategies and tactics to outwit the opposition. The children will be given opportunities to work in collaboration with others, play fairly demonstrating an understanding of the rules, as well as being respectful of the people they play with and against.


In PSHE this term we will be looking at drug education as well as studying the human life cycle. The children will broaden their knowledge of the different drug types and how they enter the bloodstream. They will be taught the importance of medicines and the roles that they play alongside health professionals.  The children will focus on 2 recreational drugs, nicotine and alcohol and consider the side effects of taking these and why they are harmful. When studying the human life cycle the children will understand what it is to be ‘grown up’ and what responsibilities parents and carers have for babies.


In art this term, we will be building upon our skills learnt earlier in the year and be further developing our sketchbooks. We will use our topic Romans as a basis for our learning. As we build up our sketching skills we will create our own Roman busts, draw a Roman soldier and  will be exploring Julius Caesar and discovering how he used Caesar Cipher to write secret coded messages. After listening to a historical description about Boudicca, chalk pastels will enable us to create our own pictures of the Warrior Queen.  Later on in the term, we will be exploring how the Romans created mosaics and we will look at the more modern artist Antoni Gaudi and his fantastic mosaic sculptures. Gaudi’s ideas will help us create our own Roman mosaics similar to the ones that may have been found in Roman villas.


In Computing we will continue to learn different ways of staying safe online, considering our digital footprint and the importance of being kind online, what information we give out and what to do if we encounter problems. We will then move on to developing our skills creating different ways of presenting our work using technology. We will consider the use of video, text, graphics and audio as well as creating interactive content.


This term we shall be working on a number of projects all connected with our topic of ‘The Romans’. We shall be extending many of our skills such as, understanding the context and purpose of the project, learning how to work together to generate and communicate ideas, creating detailed plans, practical skills and how to evaluate our work. Our projects will include creating our own Roman sandals, an aqueduct that actually carries water and a Roman catapult. So get ready for some fun!