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Spring Term 2018


Throughout the term we shall be continuing to reinforce and develop our skills using the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as improving our reasoning and problem solving skills. Alongside this we will be working towards achieving our Bronze, Silver and Gold times tables awards. We shall also be exploring the exciting world of fractions, decimals, time, factors, multiples, shape and measurement and co-ordinates with some data analysis to round off the term!


This term Year 4 will be investigating an exciting programme of genres including: stories from other cultures, adventure stories, letters, information texts, and poetry. The majority of our work will be linked to our topic work on the ‘Where are we in the world?’. We will be reading the ‘The Boy who biked the world’ by Alastair Humphreys which will help us to explore these areas in more detail, alongside learning our grammar and phonics.


In Phonics and Grammar, we will be looking at a variety of word families, prefixes, suffixes and words from the statutory Year 4 spelling lists. Our grammatical studies will focus on paragraphs, different types of sentences e.g. statements, exclamations, commands and questions, identifying and using verbs, adverbs, clauses, determiners, prepositions and pronouns as well as improving our accuracy using simple punctuation.


In PSHE this term the children will be looking at different emotions. They will learn to recognise, express and react to different feelings as well as taking responsibility for their own actions. The children will also find out about changes that may occur and how they can deal with the feelings associated with this.


This term Year 4 will have five weeks of swimming lessons at the Regional swimming pool. The children will be developing more confidence in the water as well as their swimming style and stamina.


 This term our studies will be based on ‘Jesus as a story teller’. We shall be exploring some of his more famous parables, investigating their meaning and whether the message it gives is applicable to life in 2018. WE shall also be exploring the story behind Easter and why this time of year is so important to Christians.


In the first half of the spring term children will be exploring Forces and Magnets. They will discuss what they already know about forces and use the story “The Enormous Turnip” as a starting point to explore pushing and pulling forces. The children will find out about Sir Isaac Newton and use force meters to measure forces in Newtons. Children will also use magnets to look at polarity and to sort materials according to whether they are magnetic or not. Finally they will find out about air resistance and carry out investigations to explore what this means.


In Geography we will be looking at our location in the World. To do this we will focus on learning about the local area and move on to learning facts about the wider World such as continents and countries, climate, landscape and how these differ to Britain. We will use online maps and atlases in our work and will compile presentations, fact files and posters to help build understanding.


 This term our studies are based on finding out way around the world. We shall be using Google maps to explore the information they can give us and to locate specific information using particular criteria. We shall be expanding our horizons with Google Earth alongside making our own short films using green screen technology.

Outdoor PE 

The first half of the term will focus on football and the different skills needed in the game. The children will learn how to pass accurately, how to kick and dribble and how to score goals by aiming for a target. The unit will end with a game of football and mini tournament.

 In the second half term the children will be learning the basics of Netball. It’s designed to be fast and fun, maximising participation and touches of the ball. The children will learn skills such as throwing and catching, which will enhance their co-ordination in preparation for game play later on in the term.


The children will go on a voyage of discovery looking at journeys in art. They will have the chance to glimpse the fascinating world of Aboriginal art and the journeys of the Dreamtime, before studying the work of artist Paul Klee and examining familiar journeys of their own. Following this they children will create their own piece of art work inspired by the work of Joaquin Torres Garcia including symbols that they have looked at over the journey unit.