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Spring Term 2019


This term we are focussing our attention on using a variety of sentences structures to develop our descriptive, persuasive and explanatory writing. Once again we shall be using a variety of texts and ideas connected with our topic work of ‘The Romans’. We shall be learning how to use a thesaurus more effectively to find synonyms to enhance our writing. Our spelling lists will concentrate on using different prefixes and suffixes which can then be used within our writing. Our grammar work this term will focus on consolidating our understanding of a variety of word classes, sentence structures, conjunctions, adverbs and extending our use of punctuation.


During the term we shall be extending our understanding of multiplication and division with both whole numbers and decimals, including money. We shall be investigating Roman numerals and rounding to the nearest 10/ 100/ 1000 and whole number. We would ask that the children continue to learn and review their knowledge and accuracy of the multiplication tables as they will play a major role in our maths work throughout the term. We shall also be reviewing and extending the children’s knowledge and application of both analogue and digital time.


Our studies this term will be focussed on fire safety. We shall start off looking at how a fire starts and what it needs to burn. We shall then: identify and discuss how we can identify common fire hazards in the home and classroom, what we should do in the event of a fire and what we can do to prevent a fire occurring or spreading.


This term the children will be improving and practising their football skills. The term will begin with the children focussing on dribbling the ball and appreciating the importance of this skill in the game of football. We will then move on to the skill of passing and the children will complete numerous activities that will require accurate passing of the football. Tackling will be the next skill that will be taught, we will teach the children how to tackle an opponent not only successfully but also safely. This will be linked to teaching the children how to defend. We will end the term by playing a number of different small games of football to allow the children the opportunity to practise and apply their new skills. Year 4 will be improving their swimming skills.


We will be taking the children on a topical journey through Ancient Rome. We will learn about and discuss the growth of the Roman Empire and who the important historical figures were at this time. We will also look closely at trying to identify Roman artefacts as well as comparing Roman homes with those of our present day. The children will also look at clothing, food and language of the time to get a feel for life as a Roman.


As well as revisiting the importance of E-Safety, we will be giving the children the opportunity to create a presentation by researching an area of their choice linked to our topic work, using google slides. We will look at transition skills as well as applying a variety of fonts to their work and finally adding pictures. 


This term our studies will be focussing on Christianity and learning about the different parts of the Bible. A major part of the Bible, are the stories that Jesus told. We shall be reading a selection of well-known stories and thinking about the character’s actions and emotions and how we can translate the messages the stories tell into our modern lives. After half-term we shall be focussing on The Easter Story and what this means to Christians around the world.


Our Art topic this term will focus on the Romans. The children will be exploring a wide variety of pencil techniques in order to draw a Roman soldier, The Coliseum and a selection of artefacts. We will be looking at observational drawing with a specific focus on proportion and shading. Finally, the children will be designing and creating their own mosaics.


In our science topic ‘Animals including Humans’ the children will explore the human body, focussing on teeth, healthy eating and the digestive system. They will be learning about the purpose and importance of the skeleton, teeth and our muscles. They will investigate the nutrition that the body needs to function effectively as well as learning about the human digestive system and how food is transported around the body.  During this topic, they will also compare the diets of herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.  In addition, they will investigate food chains and use the scientific terms ‘producer’ and ‘consumer’.


To link with our Science topic of Animals and Humans, the children will investigate the habitats of local insects and consider their importance in the food chain. The children will design Bug Hotels (places for insects to live and thrive) and place them in the Outdoor Learning area to see which insects their designs attract and how successful they are.