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Year 4 Stibbington Residential

Stibbington 2019 

Please see below a letter to parents/carers regarding the Stibbington 2019 trip. 

Year 4 – Stibbington Residential - 2018

Year 4 have just returned from their residential visits to the Stibbington Environmental Centre and what super visits they were!  Before we tell you what we did, we would just like to say how proud we were of all the children who took part in the two residentials. They worked tirelessly from dawn till dusk with smiles, superb manners and as part of a team well done!

The residentials were 3 days long, with two nights away, just enough for mums and dads to cope with!

The following pages include quotes from the children on their return and some recounts of what we did.

Enjoy Reading!

Mrs Pink

Stibbington Co-ordinator


I had a brilliant time! Can we go again Mrs Pink?

We photo-trailed around the centre which was very fun with friends, it was fun exploring around Stibbington cause they have amazing things to be explored.

If you had time to go you should definitely go all the people are so, so nice ! It was amazing and lovely .I had a great time.

Mrs Pink shared out a story to all of us we thought it was really catchy.

You should really go if you have time!

If you ever get the chance to go to Stibbington, just go! Stibbington is an amazing place to go to, Stibbington is full of fun and active things to do. Stibbington is amazing, every person that has a chance to go they should just go for it.

I felt really excited when we just arrived but nervous at the same time.

I have just returned from a fabulous visit to the Stibbington Centre, if you ever get the chance to go, go!

I loved it I want to go again!