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Year 5

Spring Term 2022


There will be lots of practice and consolidation of skills in Maths this term, ensuring the children are able to apply their understanding to a range of questions. Lessons will continue to give lots of opportunities for the practice of written methods through a weekly focus on arithmetic, focussing on speed and accuracy. We will revisit multiplication and division and further our understanding of fractions and decimals. Meanwhile there will be lots of work on developing strategies for problem solving.


During the Spring term our topic will be World War 2. The children will use their knowledge of the war for some of their writing using a range of texts set during wartime. There will be lots of opportunities for different types of writing.  We will continue to develop skills in reading, spelling and grammar to further develop the children’s understanding. Our grammar and spelling work will link closely with a real focus on improving pupils’ writing.


In Science we are looking at electricity, considering which materials are able to conduct it and which can’t. Children will enjoy a hands-on approach, creating their circuits using batteries, bulbs, switches and buzzers. Children will be taught the symbols to use in circuit diagrams and how to use these skills to design a circuit and predict what will happen before they build and test it. We will then move on to investigating light, the way it behaves and how it travels. This includes shadow and mirrors to reflect and change the direction of the light.


In Topic this term we are looking at the Second World War and how it affected people living in the UK. We will start by looking at Britain in the 1930s and how the downturn in the economy affected lots of working people. We will then look at the causes of the War before going on to consider the plight of evacuees who were taken from their homes to the countryside or even other countries. We will also look at rationing and the way that the Blitz caused damage to lots of British cities. Finally, we will find out about the condition of Britain and Europe in the aftermath of the war.


In RE we are looking at Hinduism, considering the roots of the religion and the Hindu Gods that are central to those who follow it. We will look at the places that Hindus meet to celebrate their beliefs and the important aspects of the religion. The lessons will be linked to the local community and we will look at the Mandir in Peterborough. Later in the term we will look at a number of other religions and investigate the importance of art in religion.


Our lessons in personal, social and health education will this term cover diversity and community, looking at issues of identity and ways in which we are all unique! This includes the importance of respecting everyone and considering the idea of stereotypes which can sometimes affect how we see the world and the people in it. We will then move on to considering medicines and drugs and ways of making good choices as we grow up.


In Art this term our focus will be sculpture, investigating a range of works and considering the way that artists choose to depict their ideas. Our work will be based around the famous sculptor Giacometti, whose work is displayed in galleries around the world. We will use his elongated figures as a basis for the children’s own work, to be designed and then produced using modroc.


Our PE lessons will include the opportunity for the children to go swimming and develop and improve their skills in the pool. We will also have the chance to play hockey, working on our skills with a stick and ball. The pace will be contrasted when we learn the basics of Yoga. Finally, we will improve our team building with “outdoor adventurous activities” that involve problem solving and map reading.


In our Design Technology unit this term we will focus on ways that people managed during the Second World War. We will look at how those caught up in the conflict had to “make do and mend”. We will take some every day items and see how we could mend them or adapt them for different uses.


In Computing this term, we will look at ways of shooting and editing videos, considering different techniques. This will include the use of planning out a video with the use of storyboards. We will then move on to using data bases to store and search for information. This will include ways of displaying information as well as a look at data bases in the real world.


In “What is music?”, we will investigate the keyboard further, extending their playing ability and looking at other things the keyboard can do to help them improve their performance. They will listen to more Romantic Era music and start to plot this on a timeline to understand the development of the orchestra. Students will use their skills to sing in parts and prepare songs for their end of term performance. Students will also look at the Spirituals of the 19th Century and their historical context.