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Year 5

Autumn Term 2022 


This term in Numeracy, we will begin by recapping on the four operations, learning and consolidating new methods to solve more challenging calculations. During the term there will be an emphasis on improving our mental maths skills and abilities in problem solving. Children will be expected to continue to learn their times tables in order to rapidly recall these facts. Other areas to be covered are fractions, patterns and sequences.


We will use ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, to capture the children’s imagination and enhance their vocabulary and descriptive writing. We will be working hard on our spelling skills, considering rules and patterns to help us to spell tricky words. There will also be an emphasis on grammar and punctuation this term, learning the terms for different kinds of words and tenses.


In Science this term we are looking at forces and what causes an object to start moving, stop moving, speed up, slow down or change direction. We will investigate gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction. In addition, we will research how the work of scientists such as Galileo and Newton helped to develop the theory of gravity. The lessons will be hands on and will give children the opportunity to work scientifically to investigate a range of theories and ideas.


Our Topic lessons will begin with an in depth study of the Ancient Egyptians, considering their place in history and investigating the way of life for both rich and poor citizens. After half term we are moving onto a Geography unit, using Cambridge as a case study. This will include different types of map work, identifying places and environments. We will also use the 8 compass points and sketch a map using symbols and a key. Pupils will also be asked to select a map for a specific purpose.


This term year 5 will look at “Programme Music”, music that creates a story or image in your mind. They will use a range of instruments to create their own piece to represent an animal, as well as listening to some famous orchestral pieces including “Peter and the Wolf”, “The Planet Suite” and “The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra”. They will use a variety of instruments to create a group performance of a famous piece, adding their own interpretation.


We begin our RE focus this term by investigating the Buddhist religion considering the core beliefs and how followers use their faith to guide them through their lives. We will consider the idea of karma and rebirth and what Buddhists mean by a state of enlightenment.  We will then investigate why prayer is important to people of many faiths. This will include considering how and where people pray and the ways in which this supports them.


We will be focusing on beginning and belonging, considering our families and friendship groups and how they support and help us. We will learn strategies to deal with occasions when our friendships become strained or we fall out. We will also look at anti-bullying, thinking about ways of recognising the different forms of bullying and how we can address it when it happens to us or those around us. 


Our Art lessons will begin with a distinctive Egyptian theme, focusing on hieroglyphics and cartouches. We will use this method of communication to write our own messages. We will then recreate an Egyptian mural through the use of printing and stamping. The children will also have the chance to create their own Egyptian jewellery before moving on to using clay and recreating ancient canopic jars.


Our PE lessons will provide opportunities to develop our skills in basketball. We will practice and improve our individual technical skills while also considering ways to improve teamwork through communication and team tactics. Meanwhile, we will work on our fitness through outdoor adventurous activities. Year 5 will also be going swimming this term. Finally, there will be a unit on dance, creating individual and group routines.


In our Design Technology unit this term we will be creating Egyptian bread. We will start by researching different types of bread and the way they are made for different meals. Our focus will then move on to the type of bread baked during Ancient Egyptian times before designing and making our own version. We will then evaluate the success of our creations with a taste test!


Beginning with a refresher on considering the importance of e-safety, the children will move on to looking at Computer Systems and Networks. This will of focus on the sharing of information and ways of working collaboratively online. Our work will then move to the world of computer-generated vector drawings, looking at ways to combine simple shapes and lines to create more complex patterns.