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Year 5

Spring Term 2023 


Throughout this term we are continuing to work on arithmetic and problem solving. We are also looking at area and perimeter and will be linking this to simple and more complex shapes. Measuring, angles and data handling will also be covered. We will be moving onto time, while continuing to practise all our written methods. Towards the end of the term we will have a greater emphasis on practice SATs questions.


During the Spring term in Literacy, the children will be studying texts to support them in completing their written work and linking their spelling and grammar knowledge to their writing. These books will help to develop their writing skills as well as capture their imagination. We will continue working hard to improve our spelling, grammar and punctuation skills. In addition, there will be a chance for the children to make progress in reading, by learning how to quickly retrieve information from a text as well as make inferences by reading between the lines.


We are looking at all things natural, beginning with evolution and inheritance and a study of how creatures inherit characteristics from their parents. We will investigate how adaptation is important for the survival of the species and compare these different survival strategies. In addition, we will look at how fossils show us how species have changed over time. Our studies will also include looking at the ways that animals adapt to different habitats before researching the findings of Charles Darwin.


We will begin our Topic lessons with a study on the history of Peterborough. This will begin with a look at the prehistoric creatures that roamed the area millions of years ago. We will then investigate the significance of Peterborough Cathedral in both local and national history. Finally, we return even closer to home and find out about the modern of expansion of Peterborough, covering the 1960s township strategy that created Hampton. The question we are asking for our Geography lessons this term is, “How can we explore the world from our classroom?”  During these lessons we will have the chance to look more closely at where we live, using OS maps to plan a route in Hampton, find features using a key, as well as understand the reason for why the layout of a town and city is so important. We will compare our city to Prague and decide which one we would rather live in, giving reasons why.


In “What is music?”, we will investigate the keyboard further, extending their playing ability and looking at other things the keyboard can do to help them improve their performance. They will listen to more Romantic Era music and start to plot this on a timeline to understand the development of the orchestra. Students will use their skills to sing in parts and prepare songs for their end of term performance. Students will also look at the Spirituals of the 19th Century and their historical context.


Our RE focus this term is different denominations of Christianity, considering how Christians express their faith in different ways. We will also investigate the similarities between these groups and find out how much they have in common. We will then move on to Humanism and consider Humanists belief that you don’t have to believe in a god in order to lead a good and fulfilling life.


There will be a chance to brush up on our sketching and painting skills this term in Art. We will create our own versions of Native American symbols such as the American eagle. The children will then use the totem pole as an inspiration for a piece of work while ensuring proportion and symmetry are accurate. We will then consider patterns and mark making from North America by designing and creating a “parfleche” container. There will then be further opportunities to investigate a range of colours and light and shade by creating a range of artworks.


In PE this term we are working on our team work with hockey and netball. As well as playing lots of games we will focus on the skills needed to be successful in both of these areas. In addition, we will have a change of pace with Yoga for indoor PE. Also indoors will be gymnastics where we will work on balance and movement before creating our own sequences.


In our Design Technology unit this term we will develop our sewing skills, practising stitching before moving on to designing our own bags. This will have a native American theme and will include considering different types of fastenings. We will then evaluate the finished bag and consider ways of improving it. 


In Computing this term, we will look at ways of shooting and editing videos, considering different techniques. This will include the use of planning out a video with the use of storyboards. We will then move on to using data bases to store and search for information. This will include ways of displaying information as well as a look at data bases in the real world.


Our lessons in personal, social and health education will this term cover diversity and community, looking at issues of identity and ways in which we are all unique! This includes the importance of respecting everyone and considering the idea of stereotypes which can sometimes affect how we see the world and the people in it. We will then move on to considering medicines and drugs and ways of making good choices as we grow up.