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Spring Term 2019


Throughout this term we are continuing to work on arithmetic and problem solving. We are also looking at area and perimeter and will be linking this to simple and more complex shapes. Measuring will also be covered. We will be moving onto time, while continuing to practise all our written methods. Towards the end of the term we will have a greater emphasis on practice SATs questions.


During the Spring term in Literacy, our topic will be Exploring the World. The children will be studying a book called ‘The Boy Who Biked the World’ to support them in completing their written work exploring a range of text types. This book will help to develop their geographical knowledge and understanding of different cultures as well as capture their imagination. We will continue working hard to improve our spelling, grammar and punctuation skills. In addition there will be a chance for the children to make progress in reading, by learning how to quickly retrieve information from a text as well as make inferences by reading between the lines.


We are looking at all things natural, beginning with food chains and the way in which plants and animals are dependent upon each other for nutrition. Our studies will then focus on the classification of different species before investigating habitats. Finally there will be an opportunity to find out more about life cycles and ways of keeping ourselves and other living things fit and healthy.


The question we are asking for our Topic lessons this term is, “How can we explore the world from our classroom?”  During these Geography based lessons we will have the chance to look more closely at where we live, using OS maps to plan a route and follow in Hampton, find features using a key, as well as understand the reason for why the layout of a town and city is so important. We will compare our city to Prague and decide which one we would rather live in, giving reasons why. A virtual flight to Switzerland and Iceland will help us study a more natural side to Europe; understanding how features such as hot springs, boiling mud pools, mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls and glaciers exist!


We will be having a tour through time in music, learning a song for voice and instruments. The children will have the chance to write their own lyrics and perform their finished work to the class. There will also be an opportunity to learn the song “Jerusalem” and to improve performances through listening and self-evaluating work. Finally the children will learn three pieces related to the theme “Our Changing World”.


Our RE focus this term is Buddhism, beginning with a study of who Buddha was before moving on to looking at his teachings. The unit of study also provides opportunities to investigate the Buddhist ideas of meditation and the “Four Noble Truths”. We will also look at the way in which Buddhist monks live their lives.


There will be a chance to brush up on our painting skills this term in Art. We will spend time looking at ways to create different shades by colour mixing the primary colours. The children will also develop their uses of paint brushes to create a range of marks and lines. We will also create our own versions of Native American artworks before moving onto different mediums including collage.


In PE this term we are working on our gymnastics skills, considering balance, movement and transitions between balances. We will also work on developing our healthy lifestyles, using aerobic techniques to benefit our fitness and ability to move in time. Outdoors we are focussing on striking and fielding activities, working on hand eye coordination and throwing and catching.


In our Design Technology unit this term we will become expert cooks as we look at different foods from around the world. Once we have investigated different foods we will design and create our very own dishes before evaluating and considering ways we could improve our concoctions.


Beginning with a refresher on considering the importance of e-safety, the children will move on to creating their own algorithms (sets of instructions). We will be using virtual and real floor turtles to practice our programming skills. We will also use an iPad app called Hopscotch and a Chrome app called Tynker which provide opportunities for programming.


During the Spring term in PSHE, we are learning about hygiene and why it is important to keep good personal hygiene now we are getting older. We will consider all aspects of this including how to keep our clothes clean and the importance of regular washing to prevent the spread of harmful germs and bacteria.