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Year 6

Autumn Term 2023 


We are focussing on our problem solving and ensuring the children have all the skills they need to tackle challenging questions. Arithmetic and written calculations are a focus and we are working hard on practising the strategies that are both quick and accurate. Learning to apply these skills will also be at the heart of our learning with a range of problem solving activities. Understanding how to unpick worded problems is an important part of this work, helping us to find the maths that hides behind these questions.


We are continuing to build up a range of different writing styles to suit different genres and purposes. We will use books and texts, linking with our topics of World War 2 and Extreme Earth to create cross curricular links. There are even more opportunities to write independently this term covering all manner of writing styles as well as fiction, explanation texts and instructions. We are also looking at spelling patterns and our use of grammar and punctuation. The grammar, punctuation and spelling test that the children will sit next May is helping to focus our learning.


In Science we are looking at electricity, considering which materials are able to conduct it and which can’t. Children will enjoy a hands-on approach, creating their circuits using batteries, bulbs, switches and buzzers. Pupils will be taught the symbols to use in circuit diagrams and how to use these skills to design a circuit and predict what will happen before they build and test it. We will then move on to investigating light, the way it behaves and how it travels. This includes shadow and mirrors to reflect and change the direction of the light.


In Topic this term we are looking at the Second World War and how it affected people living in the UK. We will look at the causes of the War before going on to consider the plight of evacuees who were taken from their homes to the countryside or even other countries. We will also look at rationing and the way that the Blitz caused damage to lots of British cities. Finally, we will find out about the condition of Britain and Europe in the aftermath of the war. Our Geography topic this term is Extreme Earth. After looking at the world map we will consider what extreme weather is. There will then be time to research earthquakes and volcanoes.


Our RE focus this term is Christianity and the Bible. We will investigate the way that the Bible is presented and consider some of the key stories that can be found within its pages. We will also consider the different genres of stories that are in the Bible and the lessons it provides to Christians on how to live their lives.


Our lessons in personal, social and health education will this term cover water safety and understanding ways to mitigate the dangers. We will then move on to understanding alcohol and the impact it can have on the body. Children will be taught the rules surrounding alcohol consumption and how people can become addicted to it. Similarly, the third topic will cover legal issues, this time surrounding stealing and the implications of theft.


In Art this term our focus will begin with sculpture, investigating a range of works and considering the way that artists choose to depict their ideas. Our work will be based around the famous sculptors Henry Moore and Giacometti, whose work is displayed in galleries around the world. We will use Giacometti’s elongated figures as a basis for the children’s own work. Finally, we will study the work of pop artist Andy Warhol.


Our PE lessons will provide opportunities to develop our teamwork and individual skills in football and tag rugby. Meanwhile, for indoor PE we will work on a variety of physical skills under the theme of fitness, learning how exercise affects our bodies. Finally, the children will have the chance to brush up on their netball skills, a sport which is based around teamwork and working with others.


In our Design Technology unit this term we will link our learning with to our World War 2 Topic and “Make do and Mend”. The children will consider how to adapt a range of items, designing their ideas before making them and then evaluating their effectiveness.


Beginning with a refresher on considering the importance of e-safety, the children will move on to looking at Computer Systems and Networks. This will of course focus on the Internet, working to understand how data is passed around the world. We will then look at website design, considering copyright, layouts and ways to link pages within the overall site. 


This term year 6 will look at “Music and the Sea”. They will look at how the “key” of a piece of music (Major / minor) affects the emotion of the music, and compose their own pieces to represent sea stories. Through the use of singing and keyboards, students will perform some traditional “Sea Shanties”, and will listen to some of these as well as orchestral music that represents the power of the ocean. Students will understand why music was written, and its purpose, as well as social and contextual influences on it at the time.