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Autumn Term 2018-19


This term we are focussing on the four operations, ensuring the children can use written methods to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We are then applying these skills to worded problems, solving increasingly complex problems. We will also be honing the children’s skills in fractions, percentages and decimals and also look at the use of Roman numerals. Our Maths work will also include a look at time, converting analogue and digital times as well as skills in looking at timetables and finding information quickly and accurately.


There is a lot to learn and develop in Literacy this term including grammar, punctuation and spelling, handwriting, reading comprehension as well as, of course, writing.  We are using Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone as a source of inspiration, to help spark our imaginations. We will develop ways of writing in different genres and for different audiences. This will help each child to build up a portfolio of writing to demonstrate and celebrate what they can do.


In Science this term we are discovering about evolution and inheritance. Starting from the theories of Charles Darwin and other pioneering scientists we are investigating the way in which these theories have developed over the years. We will look at fossils, showing us how living things evolved across the millennia. We will move on after half term to look at forces and the way in which they have an effect on the world around us.


Our Topic lessons will include both Geography and History units. Initially we will look at the Ancient Egyptians, considering their place in history and investigating the way of life for both rich and poor citizens. After half term we are learning about modern day Egypt including its continued reliance on the River Nile to sustain both agriculture and tourism, two of its most important industries. We will also take a close look at the capital Cairo and the way it differs from British cities.


The first unit focuses on songs that can be sung in different combinations. The theme of challenging journeys in life resonates through this selection of songs and thoughts of change and transition and binds them in an optimistic and uplifting song-cycle performance. The children will also learn the song ‘Amazing Egyptians’ The children will then move on to explore movie music from 1920s animated films to present day movies.


We begin our RE focus this term by looking at the way that Christians look to their beliefs to teach them how to behave. This includes famous Bible stories such as the Good Samaritan and the lessons this provides for believers of Christianity. We will then look at other religions such as Judaism and Islam and the guidance their followers receive as part of their faith.


Our lessons in personal, social and health education will this term cover new beginnings before moving on to considering ways to achieve emotional wellbeing. This will include recognising the messages given by others to tell us the way they are feeling along with considering the way we react to different situations.


Our Art lessons will begin with a distinctive Egyptian theme, with a focus on canopic jars and the way they were decorated. We will then move on to looking at hieroglyphics and ways in which they were painted before considering ways of emulating the Egyptian tradition of using pictures to tell stories.


Our PE lessons will provide opportunities to develop our teamwork and individual skills in football and tag rugby. Meanwhile, inside we will work on a variety of physical skills under the theme of agility. This will include developing speed, co-ordination and balance and will involve a series of fun and challenging activities using the equipment in the hall.


In our Design Technology unit this term we will be designing and creating our very own Egyptian jewellery. This will include creating an Egyptian collar and bracelet. These will be created using a variety of skills and craft techniques. The children will then assess and review the finished products and consider how they could improve their work.


Beginning with a refresher on considering the importance of e-safety, the children will make full use of the netbooks and iPads to create eye catching brochures, texts and signs. We will also look at ways of creating animated texts that move and change in different ways on screen. There will also be an opportunity to improve our typing skills. The use of technology will also be deployed across the curriculum to support all our learning.